Afef Fekih, Ph.D.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Louisiana, USA



Research Projects


§  PI, “Smart Fault Tolerant Control Strategy for Safer Aircraft Systems”, Louisiana Space Consortium (funded by NASA), 2006-2008.


The ultimate goal of this project is to design a smart and robust fault tolerant controller (FTC) for aircraft systems. In the proposed architecture, passive and active approaches will be merged together for the best achievable performance. The proposed FTC approach:1) utilizes robust control as the first line of defense to failures/parameter variations, 2) triggers a reconfigurable controller in case of severe impairments. Depending on the magnitude of the failure signature and the impairment severity, one controller will be switched over. The proposed control strategy can be implemented in Intelligent flight control system in order to improve the operating characteristics of aircraft, reduce false alarms and false reconfigurations and increase safety and reliability.


§  Co-PI, “Aircraft Safety: Control Upset Management”, NASA-EPSCor-BoR (project originally awarded to Dr. Chowdhury (Professor, EECE)) (PI: J.L. Aravena, LSU-Baton Rouge, Co-PIs. K.Zhou, LSU-Baton Rouge, X.R.Li, University of New Orleans), 2005-2007.

The project draws expertise from Louisiana State University, University of New Orleans and University of Louisiana at Lafayette and proposes to develop a collaborative effort with NASA researchers to create technologies that significantly advance the goals of the Aviation Safety Program (AvSP).

This project supports the goals of NASA's Single Aircraft Accident Prevention (SAAP) program by addressing the two most important causes for single airplane failure, namely loss of control and controlled flight into terrain which, according to FAA statistics, account for more than 50% of fatal accidents worldwide.