Afef Fekih, Ph.D.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Louisiana, USA




§ Courses Currently Taught


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§ Undergraduate Courses


EECE 461 Control Systems I, Fall/ Spring semester

(3,0,3). This course provides an introduction for electrical engineering seniors to mathematical modeling of physical systems and feedback control philosophy, which can be used to design single-input/single-output control systems and to realize desirable transient and frequency response

Co-req:  EECE 444, Pre-Requisites:  ENGR 218 and EECE260, both with a minimum grade of C.


Target skills:

-          To be able to analyze the dynamic behavior of a continuous time invariant system both in the time domain and in the frequency domain.

-          To be able to evaluate a given system’s performances (transient behavior, type, stead-state error, step response parameters ....)

-          To be able to synthesize a control system to meet given design specifications.

-          To be able to assess the performance of a control design as applied to a given plant.

-          To be able to assess and evaluate the performance of a given system using Matlab before and after the controller synthesis.


§ Graduate Courses


ENGR 517 Control Systems I, Spring semester

(3,0,3). Control loop analysis and design. Laplace transform approach for continuous systems. Z transform approach for sampled data systems. Mathematical models of dynamic systems. State space design techniques. Stability, controllability, observability. Optimal control design. Hardware and software implementation of common compensators. The course emphasizes practical applications over theory and is of interest to all students in the College of Engineering. Prereq. EECE 461 or consent of instructor.


EECE 550 Advanced Control Design, Fall semester

(3,0,3). Advanced control systems design and applications. Topics include (a) state-space design techniques, (b) stability, controllability, observability (c) robust control, (d) fault tolerant control design. Examples and illustrations of control systems design from all engineering disciplines. Prereq. EECE 461 or MECE474, or CHEE 413.