Human Blood Types Reference

Blood is grouped into four types: A, B, AB, and O. Each Type is also classified by an Rh factor - either positive (+) or negative (-). When a blood transfusion is necessary, donor and patient blood must be compatible. If not, the patient's body will react to the incompatible donor cells, leading to complications, maybe even death.

Your ABO blood grouping and Rh factor are inherited from your parents. The following chart shows what percentage of the population shares your ABO grouping.

Select your blood type to see the possible transfusion combinations:

WARNING: This is a sample document developed while I was experimenting with HTML a few years ago. The information here was copied from a pamphlet that I had received the day before from the place where I donated Blood. Other than what is presented here I don't know anything about blood or blood types.

Brian K. Doré