Graduate Students in the Moon Lab

To reach these folks by phone, try calling the lab: 337-482-1375

Elizabeth Barron

Lizís picture

M.S. student
Underground predation mechanisms in snakes--

just defended her thesis very nicely!

Michael Fulbright

Michaelís picture

Ph.D. student
Feeding mechanisms in map turtles

CJ Hillard

Picture coming soon (I hope)

M.S. student
Interested in feeding biology of snakes

Ivan Moberly

Ivan's picture

Ph.D. student
Locomotor mechanisms in chameleons

Ariana Rupp

Picture coming soon (I hope)

Ph.D. student

Feeding biology in mud snakes


Former Students

Kara Haddock

Former M.S. student

At large

Joseph Bennett

M.S., 2011

At large

William Cefalu, III

B.S., 2006

Went on to medical school

Benjamin Dantzer

M.S., 2006
Chemical communication in salamanders

Faculty member at The University of Michigan

Schuyler Dartez

B.S., 2006
M.S., 2008

Constriction strength in pythons

Biologist, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Craig Denesha

M.S., 2006
Thermoregulation & range expansion in brown anoles

Instructor at Spartanburg Community College in South Carolina

Michael Dupuis

B.S., 2007

Earned a M.S. here with Dr. Mark Hester.

Chris Fontenot


M.S. University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Nick Haertle

Deceased, February 2016

We miss him.

Paul Hampton

Ph.D., 2010

Now Assistant Professor at Colorado Mesa University

Audrey Hebert

B.S., 2011

Went on to PA program

Lara Henderson

B.S., 2011

Went on to dental school

Cory J Hillard

B.S., 2017

Coming back for M.S. degree we hope!

Forest Huval

B.S., coming soon

Went on to graduate school in entomology at LSU

Laura Joseph

B.S., 2005

Went on to veterinary school

Nancy Kohn

Ph.D., 2008
Learning and memory in salamanders
Co-advised by Dr. Michael Kalish in Cognitive Sciences at UL Lafayette

Assistant Professor, Cottey College, starting fall 2018

Heather Olivier (now Birdsong)

B.S., 2006
M.S., 2008

Amphibian conservation biology

Instructor, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

David Penning

Ph.D., 2016

Assistant Professor, Missouri Southern State University

Ali Rabatsky

Ph.D., 2007
Vestigialization of the rattling system in insular rattlesnakes

Associate Professor, Palmer College of Chiropractic in Flordia

Beth Rivers

B.S., coming soon

Worked with us on amphibian feeding biology and muscular control of movement

Katherine Rothermel

B.S., 2011

Went on to dental school

Navasha Singh

Deceased, November 2012

We miss her.

Tyler Thigpen

M.S., 2011

Ecologist at Delta Land Services


Current & recent study species
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Ray Bauer, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Jim Delahoussaye, Butte La Rose, Louisiana
Anthony Herrel, Musťum Natíl d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris
Nathan Kley, Stony Brook University
Rita Mehta, University of California at Santa Cruz
Alan Savitzky, Utah State University
Rick Shine, University of Sydney, Australia
Alexa Tullis, University of Puget Sound


Information for Prospective Students

The Department of Biology at UL Lafayette offers both M.S. and Ph.D. programs in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology. For research and teaching, our students can draw on animal care facilities, extensive laboratory equipment, the microscopy center, museum collections, and library holdings in anatomy, physiology, and herpetology.

Our graduate students gain excellent experience with developing and conducting independent research projects, with presenting research results at scientific conferences, and with publishing scientific papers. Our doctoral graduates have been highly successful in finding research or teaching positions in their fields of interest.

Louisiana is a great place to be a biologist, especially a field biologist (or a lab biologist who likes to go on field trips). Here are links to photographs showing some biology in Louisiana:

Our study species in the lab (opens in new window).
Amphibians of Louisiana (opens in new window).
Birds of Louisiana (opens in new window).
More photo galleries to come soon (Louisiana reptiles, miscellaneous animals, and habitats).

To find out about getting involved in my lab, please feel free to contact me at:

Brad Moon, Department of Biology, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette LA 70504-3602,
Telephone: (337) 482-5662, E-mail: Brad.Moon @ (but be sure to delete the spaces around the @ symbol).



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