Restaurants & Supermarket

The boldfaced numbers below correspond to the numbers on the "Restaurant Map" that is [here] and in your conference folder (which can be picked up in MDD 209).
There are many restaurants within a brief walk of MDD. Also, (12) Champagne's Market is a nearby supermarket (at most a 15-minute walk away; in their Deli, they have plate lunches and a few breakfast items; more info is available here). Below is a list of restaurants that are close to La Quinta Inn and MDD. Many of them can be reached within 15 minutes by walking and all of them can be reached (on foot) in 30 minutes or less.

(Note: below, "15m" means that it takes at most 15 minutes to walk to the restaurant from MDD.)
Antoni's Italian Cafe (6): 15m, medium priced, highly recommended, nice atmosphere, has coffee, more info is here.
Bisbano's Pizza Parlor (1): 15m, medium priced, have TVs to watch and a bar downstairs, has coffee, more info is here.
Blue Dog Cafe (17): basically next to La Quinta Inn, a popular local restaurant, features the art of George Rodrigue (which explains the restaurant's name), more info is here.
Cafe Lola (13): 15m, for any budget, excellent sandwiches; note: open only M-F, 10:30-2; their menu is here.
Chili's Grill & Bar Restaurant (3): 30m, medium-priced; has TVs usually showing sports and the walk there is a nice distraction passing over a river.
CT Grill & Seafood (11): 18m, reasonably-priced; serves some Cajun food against a backdrop of Chinese-American music (sometimes).
Hub City Diner (16): 20m, reasonably priced, more info is here.
Jolie's Louisiana Bistro (9): 15m, expensive but delicious, excellent atmosphere.
McDonald's (19): 3m; a good way to get inexpensive coffee.
Papa John's (20): 1m; a good place for reasonably-priced pizza, even without cheese.
Picadilly (4): 13m, reasonably priced; a good place for getting a well-balanced meal centered around Cajun dishes, cafeteria-style, great for groups of 4, 6 or 8.
Roly Poly (7): 15m, reasonably priced, offers a wide variety of sandwiches.
Ruth's Chris Steak House (10): 15m, more info is here.
Sonic (8): 16m, inexpensive.
Subway (15): 15m, for all budgets, right next to Champagne's Market, has coffee in the morning.
Subway on St. Mary's (2): less than 5m, inexpensive, has a variety of sandwiches.
Taco Bell (21): 3m, inexpensive.
Tropical Smoothie Cafe (14): 15m, for any budget, has much more (breakfast all day long, lunch, dinner) than what's indicated by their name, has coffee for breakfast, more info is here.
Whole Wheatery Eatery: 15m.
Zeus Cafe, Greek and Lebanese Cafe (18): 18m, medium-priced, more info is here.