Homotopy Theory at UL

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Colloquia on homotopy-theoretic topics

  • [ 3/31/11 ] "Presentations of monoidal homotopy theories and the homotopy theory of cubical sets," Samuel B. Isaacson (UT-Austin).
  • [ 2/10/11 ] "Arbitrary Morava modules, their Adams spectral sequence, and continuous group cohomology" (D.G. Davis). The notes for this talk can be found here.
  • [ 2/12/09 ] "Degree Bounds in Invariant Theory," Mara D. Neusel (Texas Tech).
  • [ 4/24/08 ] "Galois theory, commutative rings, and chromatic homotopy theory" (D.G. Davis). This talk was based on these notes.
  • [ 3/15/07 ] "Fixed points in group cohomology, topological algebra, and homotopy theory" (D.G. Davis).

    Outside speakers in the Topology Seminar

    Other homotopy-theoretic talks in the Topology Seminar

  • [ 2/22/13 ] "The symmetric monoidal category of symmetric spectra" (D.G. Davis). Some of my initial remarks are here.
  • [ 2/15/13 ] "Symmetric spectra: the objects that give rise to generalized cohomology theories" (D.G. Davis). The content of the talk that had to do with spectra is available here.
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