ULL Topology Seminar, Spring 2010

webpage last modified: 5/5/10

Note: The Topology Seminar takes place on Fridays at 1 pm, in MDD 306.
January 29th: "Kan complexes and categories," Daniel Davis.
February 5th: "Kan complexes and $\infty$-categories," Daniel.
February 19th: "$\infty$-categories and composition through horns," Daniel.
February 26th: "Introduction to digital topology," Maciej Niebrzydowski.
March 12th: "Axiomatic digital topology," Maciej.
March 19th: " 'Composition' and joins for $\infty$-categories," Daniel.
March 26th: "Equivalent metrics and the spans of graphs, Part I," Thelma West.
April 16th: "Equivalent metrics and the spans of graphs, Part II," Thelma.
April 23rd: "Equivalent metrics and the spans of graphs, Part III," Thelma.
April 30th: "$A^1$-Representability of Hermitian $K$-theory," Girja Shanker Tripathi (graduate student, LSU). Here are the notes (in "Beamer format") for Girja's talk. Abstract: I will discuss my result that in the $A^1$-homotopy category of smooth schemes over a field of characteristic not equal to 2, the Hermitian $K$-theory is representable by "orthogonal Grassmannians." This result is the Hermitian analogue of the corresponding result for algebraic $K$-theory. I will introduce some ideas (parallel to the ones in topology) from the $A^1$-homotopy theory developed by Morel and Voevodsky (1999). (Note that the location is different from usual: MDD 208.)
organized by Daniel (Davis).