Two Archaeological Sites in the SE of Spain (Murcia and Albacete)

Sima de las Palomas (Paleolithic)

figure 1- visitor's entrance to the archaeological site of Sima de las Palomas

figure 2- information sign at the entrance

figure 3- old miner's shaft used as an entrance to the site

figure 4- looking down the natural karst shaft (breccia formation visible)

figure 5- Panoramic view from the cave entrance (Mar Menor upper left)

links to Professor Michael Walker's (Universidad de Murcia) web sites:

Nerpio (Albacete) Neolithic Cave Paintings

figure 1 The Cultural Park of Nerpio (southernmost Albacete)

figure 2 The Neolithic Paintings are protected from vandalism by steel cages

figure 3 male deer standing left depicted in red (predominant colour used)

figure 4 close-up of the previous figure

figure 5 head of deer facing left

links to Nerpio (Albacete) and its history:

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