G.H. Massiha, Ph.D.

Department of Industrial Technology
The University of Louisiana in Lafayette

Office: Rougeou Hall, Room 220
Office Phone: (337) 482-5719, Fax: (337) 482-6661
Mailing Address: University of Louisiana in Lafayette, P.O. Box 42972, Lafayette, La. 70504-2972
E-mail: massiha@Louisiana.edu

Ongoing Projects.

Excess electrical noise and reliability in metal thin-films, semiconductor devices, and VLSI.

Reliability and Noise Control Lab Website

Virtual Energy Development Construction Center (VEDCC)

Construction & Management Network

Microprocessor and PLC application in industrial technology.

Application of feedback control system in agricultural equipment.


My Resume (PDF Format)

University of Louisiana Student Projects

ITEC 220, Electronics I Internet Course

ITEC 320, Electronics II Internet Course

ITEC 322, Digital Electronics Internet Course

ITEC 324, Microprocessor Internet Course

ITEC 328, PLC Internet Course

ITEC 424, Robotics Internet Course

Department of Industrial Technology (ITEC)

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