Louisiana State Ethics Code Training

As part of our Professional Ethics (PHIL 316) class, one week will be spent looking at the laws concerning ethics that apply in the State of Louisiana. A handy summery of the State Ethics Code is available. You can download it as a .pdf file from http://ethics.la.gov/Pub/Laws/ethsum.pdf.You should read this summary before class and before completing the exercise described below.

The State of Louisiana provides an on-line course that trains State employees in the State Ethics Code. Part of the code actually requires that State employees must take the training and get a certificate to prove that they have received the training. A requirement for this class is that you too should complete the training course. You need to make sure that you complete the on-line training before the deadline on the syllabus, otherwise you will not be able to get credit after that time.

To take the training, the first thing you will have to do is register. In order to register, you have to fill out the on-line form available at https://eap.ethics.la.gov/EthicsTraining/UserInfo/EditUserInformation.aspx.  Where it asks for your e-mail address, you should use your UL e-mail address (as in YourCLID@louisiana.edu), not any other e-mail address. It is also important that you fill in all the other information correctly. This matters, as it is used to generate the certificate that shows you have undertaken the training. For this reason, please use your official name, as it appears on UL class rosters. Also, make sure that you use a password that you can remember! Fixing lost passwords can be pretty tricky.

Once the registration process is complete, you will need to take the training itself. In order to do that you need to go to the Online Training Portal, which is located at https://eap.ethics.la.gov/EthicsTraining/login.aspx and login with your e-mail and password. Once you have logged in, you should just follow the instructions given. It may be a good idea to have a set of headphones available if you plan to take the training in a noisy place, of somewhere where sound may disturb others (like the library). Just so you know, the training should take around about an hour to complete. At various points during the training, you will be prompted to answer questions. Make sure that you read the questions carefully, as some of them can be a bit tricky. This is also the reason why it may be a good idea to take notes as the training proceeds.

Once you have completed the training successfully, you will be issued with a certificate that certifies you have completed the training. You should save this certificate somewhere safe, as you never know when it might prove useful at some time in the future. You should also upload a copy of your certificate to the specially created page on the class Moodle page. The process should not be too complicated, as it is no different to submitting an electronic version of a term paper. However, this is also a reason why it is important that you know where you have saved your certificate. Once your certificate has been uploaded successfully to Moodle, you will receive credit.

It is strongly advised that you begin taking the training a good time BEFORE the deadline. That way, should you run into any technical difficulties, there will be time for you to get help. For this reason, technical difficulties will not be accepted as an excuse for not completing the training and uploading your certificate by the deadline.

Should you have any questions, difficulties, or comments, then please feel free to drop me a line at the usual e-mail address (*istvan at louisisiana dot edu).

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