Three Quantum Poems

in increasing order of seriousness

by Joe Andriano

Limerick on the Dice-Throw

If these quarks are just quirks in God's arm,
        Can't He misthrow, and do us all harm?
I take it all back! He's not such a Quack:
        He gave them both strangeness and charm

Sonnet: Quantumania

Matter's a nimbus of bosons
(but then, there's really no matter)
and fermions: leptons
and quarks are all a-scatter
of quanta---muons and gluons
hadrons make me mad as a hatter!

Electrons selectrons neutrons neutrinos
photons positrons protons photinos!

Tachyons that never slow down to light
Gravitons that carve the very curves of space;
psychons too making mind might
exist--and animons of soul, when we leave the race,

transport us to another realm that will seem
more real than this one, now just a dream.

Droplets in the Wind

    In the midst of a blizzard of drizzle
    I paused and let go
    of my umbrella, torn 
    inside out,
    and I let the drizzle spatter
    my face and blur out my vision
    until drops seemed to merge into
    waving sheets, and this odd thought
    sprang up:
    Maybe this was the Word:
    Let light be both
    particle & wave,
   My psychons now photons
My heartstrings now flutter
    I dug my umbrella out
    of the trash and bent it back.