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  Dr. Damico's Description of this Course

Taking a blended approach combining real world practicality with a holistic theoretical perspective and its implications, this course will focus on the assessment and treatment of  childhood language disorders.  Rather than focus on the various classifications of language disorders (a practice that is often fraught with overlap), we will focus on the overall principles and practices needed to assist service delivery to children with language impairments.  The course content is divided into three general sections: Orienting Issues, Assessment Issues, and Intervention Issues.  Specific attention will be focused on the testing process and tools, and various intervention options and strategies.  The course is intended to prepare you to do effective and innovative work with language disordered children.  Although this course will focus on language and the learning connection, it will not focus in great detail on many literacy issues.  A seminar next semester will more fully develop that focus.

                      Pertinent Course Material
                                   Fall 2001

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Course Syllabus
Current Cursory Notes for 
Language Disorders in Children 
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