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                                     Graduate Catalogue Description

Normally offered once every two years.  Involves the student in intensive qualitative research methods addressing various social actions.  Covers conversation analysis, ethnographic methods, discursive linguistic analysis, and various other qulaitieve methodologies and traditions.  Research paper required (may be taken up to 3 times when on diffeent topics)

                              Dr. Damico's Description of this Course

This seminar actually revolves around two issues: the complexity of meaning-making in all of its manifestations and the necessity of embracing complexity rather than ignoring it in research.  In this seminar we will seek a greater understanding of the various ways that humans engage in face-to-face social action; that is, the myriad ways that individuals accomplish their goals and objectives within the social and cultural contexts that make up their environments.  We will focus on a number of demonstrations of meaning-making complexity and we will devote time to a number of qualitative discovery procedures and analyses that enable a view of authentic social activity. This is a very large area of investigation that encompasses a number of academic disciplines.  As such, we cannot cover the entire subject matter nor can we focus on any one area in great depth. At the end of the course, however, the students will have a much greater appreciation of the complexity, richness, and systematicity of meaning-making and will have a number of discovery procedures and qualitative research methodologies from which to choose when undertaking the investigation of complex social/symbolic/semiotic phenomena.

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                                     Spring 2002

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Social Analysis of Social Action
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