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This page provides access to various types of information regarding Jack Damico including course syllabi, research activities, presentation schedules, professional data and personal information.  Additional linkages to web pages at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette are provided.  Course notes are no longer provided on the internet.  Rather, I now use the BLACKBOARD system for the enrolled students. Click on the appropriate button below to access information.
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Courses taught by Dr. Damico:
Courses not currently taught do not have current linkages (indicated by underlining).

CODI 508
Aphasia in Adults
CODI 526
Language Disorders in Children
CODI 590
Seminar in Language and Literacy
CODI 598
Special Studies and Readings courses
CODI 602
Applied Semiotic Theory: Advanced Intervention
CODI 610
Seminar: Qualitative Analysis of Social Action

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Doris B. Hawthorne Center
Department of Communicative Disorders
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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