Jack S. Damico
Presentation and Workshop Schedule

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The following are the current times and locations of Dr. Damico's scheduled and forthcoming presentations and workshops.  For more information, please contact Dr. Damico via e-mail.

                                       Current Schedule for 2001-2002

July 29, 2001                  Workshop.  Authentic and descriptive language assessment.
                                         ASHA Annual Conference for Speech-Language
                                         Pathologists:  Schools 2001, Boston, MA.

July 30/31, 2001              Invited Workshop.  Using Performance-based language
                                         assessment:  A Summer Institute. (with W. Secord)
                                         Connecticut Department of Education, Middletown,

September 13-15, 2001   Keynote Speaker.  Lessons from Qualitative research:
                                          Twelve principles applied to aphasia. British
                                          Aphasiology Society, Biennial International
                                          Conference, Exeter, UK.

                                         WorkshopThe Clinical Profiling System.  (with N.
                                           Simmons-Mackie) British Aphasiology Society,
                                           Biennial International Conference, Exeter, UK.

November 15-18,2001      Four presentations.  American Speech-Language-
                                           Hearing Association, New Orleans, LA

January 22-25, 2002         Invited Speaker. Designing IEPs for Culturally Diverse
                                           Students. and Empowerment in an Academic context.
                                           25th Annual Conference for Teachers of Linguistically
                                           and Culturally Diverse Students, Oakbrook, IL.

February 15, 2002          Invited Workshop. Performance Assessment in Language/
                                         Communicative Therapy and Curriculum Implementation.
                                         Southwest Ohio Speech and Hearing Association,
                                         Cincinnati, OH.

March 1, 2002                 Invited Video Presentation.  Finding alternatives:
                                          Assessing the culturally and linguistically diverse child
                                          in the schools. (with Li-Rong Cheng and Elizabeth Pena)
                                          American Speech-Language Hearing Association,
                                          Austin, TX.

March 5, 2002                  Invited Workshop.  School Transitions of the Culturally
                                          Linguistically Diverse Student.  The George Washington
                                          University, Washington, DC

March 25-28, 2002          Keynote Speaker.  Establishing authenticity in language
                                          assessment and intervention:  The need for strategic
                                          collaboration.  New Zealand Speech-Language
                                          Therapists' Biennial Conference, Wellington, New

                                         Workshop.  Addressing the needs of culturally and
                                          linguistically diverse students. New Zealand
                                          Speech-Language Therapists' Biennial Conference,
                                          Wellington, New Zealand.

April 12, 2002                   Invited Workshop.  Constructing Appropriate IEPs.
                                          The Inez Miller Memorial Conference on
                                          Communicative Sciences and Disorders, University
                                          of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, Oklahoma

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