Philosophy 322:
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A. Links to some sites about some philosophers of the modern era:

George Berkeley -

Berkeley Studies - online journal devoted to Berkeley

Online Books Berkeley Page - includes lots of works by Berkeley

Images of Berkeley

International Berkeley Society

Cavendish, Margaret -

Digital Cavendish Project

Cavendish's Poetry - bio. and poems

Project Vox Cavendish page - well illustrated bio. and bibliography

Lady Cavendish's Castle

Condorcet, Marquis de -

Here is a brief biography of Condorcet.

Some of Condorcet's writings are available online

Rene Descartes -

17 Things ot Know About Rene Descartes

Descartes and the Legacy of Mind-Body Dualism

Museum at Descartes' House

Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia -

Project Vox page

Thomas Hobbes -

Great Thinkers has a nice site devoted to Hobbes.

Hobbes Texts Online

David Hume - 
The Hume Society

The Leeds Hume Project

Dr. Korcz's Hume on the Web

Immanuel Kant - 
Kant On The Web 

G. J. Mattey's Kant Lexicon

Julien Offray de LaMettrie -

 Some Texts By and About LaMettrie

Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm -

Leibniz the Mathematician - brief bio. and links

Leibniz Translations - rare English translations

Leibnitiana - tons of stuff

Leibnizian Resources - extensive links site

Leibniz stamps

Leibniz Cookies

Locke, John -

John Locke Resources - with lots of additional info.

Locke Studies

Masham, Lady Damaris Cudworth -

Masham's Project Vox Page

Masham page in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Marin Mersenne -
Marin Mersenne Page
Joseph Priestley -

Joseph Priestley's House

The King of Serendipity!

Thomas Reid -

The Reid Society

Baruch Spinoza -
Studia Spinoza - lots of links and works online!

B. Some general sites about modern philosophy:

The West: Enlightenment to Present - extensive materials for a history course.

Early Modern Texts - in new translations.

Project Vox - devoted to women philosophers of the modern era.

Internet Archive - lots of early and original editions of philosophy works and much more.

C. Sites about other major figures & institutions of the modern era

Galileo -

The Galileo Project - includes all sorts of info.

Newton, Isaac -
The Newton Project - its aim is to make available online everything Newton ever wrote, published or unpublished.

Sir Isaac Newton Online - fun site includes quotes, overviews of discoveries, works, videos, etc.
The Inquisitions -

The History Channel has a brief summary of the Inquisitions in Europe.

Details of the Inquisition against the Cathars.

An Enlightenment Timeline - includes lots of important philosophical, scientific, historical and political events.

Institute for the Study of Scottish Philosophy.

D. Here is John Locke's (1632 - 1704) Recipe for Pancakes:

(note: the spelling has not been modernized!)


"Take sweet cream 3/4 pint. Flower a quarter of a pound. Eggs 7 leave out 4 of the whites. Beat the Eggs very well. Then put in the flower, beat it a quarter of an hower. Then put in six spoonfuls of the Cream, beat it a little. Take a new sweet butter half a pound. Melt it to oyle, & take off the skum, power in all the clear by degrees beating it all the time. Half a grated nutmeg & little orangeflower water. Frie it without butter. This is the right way."

from: A Locke Miscellany, ed. by Jean S. Yolton

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