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"When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes." - Erasmus
Looking for books online? Here are some links to useful resources: places you can read about and purchase books. I've found these resources invaluable in looking for good books, doing research and stretching my book-buying dollars. For a list of book I'd recommend, see my Favorite Books page.

A bookstore joke: "I went to a bookstore today. I asked the woman behind the counter where the self-help section was. She said, "If I told you, that would ruin the whole point, now, wouldn't it?""
N.B.: I can't vouch for the content of others' web sites. Use reasonable caution when ordering anything online!

Table of Contents
Book Search Engines
Sellers of Used Books
Sellers of New Books
Publisher's Closeouts
Book Reviews
Book Related Sites
Book Sites By Topic
Textbooks Online
Great Bookstores I Have Known

Book Search Engines
Searches the databases of ABE Books, Amazon.com and many other online bookstores for your title. Over 150 million new and used books available from over 100,000 sellers!

Booksprice.com - searches the inventory of over 50 on-line bookstores, specializing in textbooks.

Two search engines, one for new books and one for used. Compares 130 bookstores, 200 million books.

Compares prices from 48 bookstores, including half.com, alibris and many new bookstores.

Search 14 online sources of books, mostly new books. Over 3 million titles.

Allbookstores.com - Compare prices at 36+ online book outlets.

Addall Books - compares prices from 40 online bookstores.

Feedbooks.com - guide to e-books available online.

Tidbit: The smallest printed book is Anton Chekhov's Chameleon and measures .035 by .035 inches. It was published in Russia in 1996. Much smaller books have been created (not on paper) with things like ion beams that require scanning electron microsocpes to read.
Sellers of Used Books
The following are sites in which you can search the inventories of thousands of used bookstores around the world. In most cases, you order directly from the bookstore.
ABE Books
Lists over 140 million used books from 13,500+ booksellers around the world!

Books and everything else!

Formerly Interloc.com, now merged with Bibliocity. Over 175 million items.

Specializes in antiquarian books. Over 9 million books from over 900 booksellers around the world.

100 million + used books. 

Tidbit: The highest price paid for any book was  $30.8 million, by Bill Gates, for the Codex Leicester, a notebook of Leonardo Da Vinci.
Sellers of New Books
The big one!

Barnes & Noble
The other big one!

Chapters Indigo - Canadian online bookseller.

Google ebooks - many are free!
Tidbit: The  bookstore with the most titles in the world, W. & G. Foyle Ltd., has over 30 miles of book shelves. An eccentric place, books are organized by publisher rather than author, and the owner refused to install computers.
Publisher's Closeouts

Books-A-Million.com - BAM!
Daedalus Books
Relatively small selection, but fancy website. They carry music too.

Huge selection and very cheap shipping!

Labyrinth Books
They specialize in academic and university presses. 40,000+ books in their Sale Annex!

Tidbit: The oldest handwritten book still intact is a Coptic Psalter dated to about 300AD, found in 1984 in Egypt.

Book Reviews
NOTE: most of the sellers of new books include online reviews.
Award Winning Books (Amazon.com list)

New York Times Book Review

Booklist Online
Reviews from the American Library Association.

Can give recommendations based on your past favorites!

Better Book Titles
Renames classic books to concisely indicate their contents.

Tidbit: The best-selling copyright book is the Guinness Book of World Records, which has sold over 80 million copies.

Book Related Sites
Antiquarian Bookseller's Association of America
Sells nice book related items such as book weights, book stands, etc.

Wayfair Bookcases
Over 1,500 models to choose from!

Tidbit: The most overdue book ever borrowed from a library was borrowed in 1667-1668, and not returned until 1955, a span of 288 years. The book was about the Archbishop of Bremen.

Book Sites By Topic
American Association of University Presses List
Banned Books -- read banned books!!!
ALA Banned Books Site
Includes lists and info. about banned book week.

Banned Books and Censorship

Banned Books available on-line
Beat Generation
The Beat Museum
City Lights bookstore
Audio Books
Audio Editions
Music Books Plus
Partners and Crime
Great URL!!!
Specializes in used philosophy books.

Timothy Wilder Rare Books
Best place to find things like early, 17th century editions of books by Descartes, etc.


Textbooks Online
Searches 20 on-line bookstores & compares prices.

Buy or rent books.

Textbooks & lots of other stuff.

Books, clothing, etc.

BigWords - compares prices on textbooks.

Valorebooks - over 15 million titles.

Great Bookstores I Have Known
Book House of Dinkytown (Minneapolis, MN)

John K. King Books (Detroit, MI)

Moe's (Berkeley, CA)

Powell's Bookstore (Chicago, IL)

Tidbit: If you ever wondered what might be done with old books, check out Brian Dettmer's page!