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Below are a number of links to interesting Internet sites relevant to philosophy. The links are organized by topic. For the most part, I have tried to select the best pages I thought my students would enjoy (or at least find useful).

  next to a link indicates a site aimed more at professional researchers than a curious public.

N.B.: I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information on the following sites!


Table of Contents


1. Interesting General Philosophy Web Pages

2. Philosophical Organizations

3. Online Reference Works on Philosophy

4. Philosophy Search Engines & Links

5. Guides To Contemporary Philosophy Papers Online


1. Theoretical Ethics

2. Applied Ethics

a. General
b. Abortion
c. Animal Rights
d. Bioethics
e. Censorship
f. Cloning
g. Death Penalty
h. Engineering Ethics
i. Environmental Ethics
j. Euthanasia
k. Hallucinogenic Drugs
l. Professional Ethics
m. Prostitution
n. Sexual Orientation
o. Stem Cell Research
p. War
3. Political Philosophy

4. Philosophy of Law

1. Epistemology

2. Philosophy of Science


1. General

2. Philosophy of Religion and Atheism

3. Philosophy of Mind

4. Personal Identity

5. Abstract Objects

6. Ontology

7. Causality

8. Philosophy Of Language

9. Free Will

1. Ancient

2. Modern

3. Existentialism & Phenomenology

4. Pragmatism

5. 20th Century Analytic

6. Web Pages Dedicated To Famous Philosophers In History

a. Links to Sites About Numerous Philosophers
b. Classic Philosophy Texts Online
c. Links Organized by Philosopher
Bayle, Pierre
Bentham, Jeremy
Berkeley, George
Brentano, Franz
Condorcet, Marquis De
Descartes, Rene
Frege, Gottlob
Hobbes, Thomas
Hume, David
James, William
Kant, Immanuel
Kierkegaard, Soren
La Mettrie, Julien de
Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm
Locke, John
Marx, Karl
Mersenne, Marin
Mill, John Stuart
Nietzsche, Friedrich
Peirce, C. S.
Priestley, Joseph
Reid, Thomas
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques
Russell, Bertrand
Spinoza, Baruch
Tocqueville, Alexis de
Wittgenstein, Ludwig


1. Philosophy From Around The World

2. Information About Philosophy Departments

3. The Philosopher's Song (Monty Python)

4. (Attempts at) Philosophical Humor

5. University Of Louisiana at Lafayette Philosophy Department


1. Interesting General Philosophy Web Pages
The Philosopher's Magazine
Zeno's Coffeehouse (Puzzles and Paradoxes)

Philosophy Talk - radio program with downloadable episodes, with two philosophy professors from Stanford! Excellent productions.

Very Bad Wizards - podcasts on ethics by a philosopher and a psychologist.

The Basics of Philosophy - an extensive site with introductory discussions of many areas of philosophy.

Philosophy Index - brief introductory articles plus links.

WiPhi (Wireless Philosophy) - lots of introductory videos, with respectable producton vaues, by philosophy professors.

35 Brilliant Women from the History of Philosophy - with links to writings online.

Free Online Philosophy Courses - links to over 1,700 courses!

2. Philosophical Organizations
The American Philosophical Association

American Association of Philosophy Teachers

Society for the Study of Women Philosophers - includes information about many women philosophers throughout history.

The APA's list of associations and societies

3. Online Reference Works on Philosophy

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Meta-Encyclopedia of Philosophy - compare entries from various online encyclopedias.

A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names

4. Philosophy Search Engines & Links

Research Institute for the Humanities - Philosophy Page - contains an especially extensive set of links to sites devoted to particular philosophers.

5. Guides To Contemporary Philosophy Papers Online  
philpapers - the largest open access archive of philosophy papers.

Internet Archive - huge database of books, with many original and early editions, available for free online (not limited to philosophy).

The Paideia Project - Contains hundreds of philosophy papers online from the 20th World Congress of Philosophy.

1. Theoretical Ethics
Ethics Updates - a site devoted to Utilitarianism!

Utilitarianism Resources

2. Applied Ethics

a. General
Ethics Updates - contains an enormous amount of information on philosophical approaches to applied ethics, including pages on virtually all the topics listed below. A "must see"!

Applied Ethics Resources On The Web

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Contains numerous articles in various areas of applied ethics.

Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality - pro and con links to numerous ethical issues regarding sexuality

ACLU Home Page - contains a wide array of information re: civil rights issues.

BBC - Ethics Guide

b. Abortion
National Right To Life

National Abortion Rights Action League

ACLU page on reproductive freedom - access to numerous links and legal information.

The Alan Guttmacher Institute - articles from their journals and other resources are avaliable online.

CDC - Surveillance and Research on Abortion - govt. statistics

Ethics Updates page on abortion - papers and other resources

Links to some pro-life articles by philosophers

c. Animal Rights - pro-animal rights

Animal Rights Library - a large collection of classic and contemporary philosophy articles

People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA)

Foundation For Biomedical Research (Pro-animal use)

Animal Welfare Information Center - govt. agency provides lots of information

Animal Research - Lots of Info.

Humane Society of the United States - a useful resource!

Thoughtco's Animal Rights section

Animal Legal and Historical Center - offers thousands of cases, statutes and articles

d. Bioethics

NIH Department of Bioethics

The Hastings Center
e. Censorship
National Coalition Against Censorship

Index on Censorship - online magazine devoted to censorship

Most Frequently Challenged Books

The OpenNet Initiative

f. Cloning
HRF Pros and Cons of Cloning

Cloning Fact Sheet - NIH

g. Death Penalty
"The Case Against The Death Penalty" by Hugo Adam Bedau

ACLU Page (Anti-Death Penalty)

Death Penalty Information Center

Bureau of Justice Statistics Capital Punishment Page - government stat.s re: the death penalty in the U.S.

h. Engineering Ethics
The Online Ethics Center For Engineering And Science
i. Environmental Ethics
International Society For Environmental Ethics

j. Euthanasia

ERGO (Pro-Euthanasia Site) (Anti-Euthanasia Site)

Assisted Suicide: The Philosopher's Brief
Written by six of the best moral philosophers of the 20th century (Ronald Dworkin, Judith Jarvis Thomson, Robert Nozick, Thomas Nagel, John Rawls and Thomas Scanlon), this article was filed as an amicus curiae brief with the Supreme Court.
Patient's Rights Council - opposed to euthanasia
k. Hallucinogenic Drugs  
Drug Policy Alliance (pro-legalization)

Stop The Drug War (pro-legalization)

National Institute on Drug Abuse (government agency)

Office of National Drug Control Policy (government agency)

Drug Watch International - (anti-legalization)

National Drug Strategy Network

National Families In Action (anti-legalization)

Web of Addictions (anti-legalization)

NORML - group favors legalization of marijuana - site contains lots of info.

l. Professional Ethics
Business Ethics Resources on the WWW

Ethics Operationalized - practical advice for the workplace.
m. Prostitution
Prostitute's Education Network

Report of the San Francisco Task Force On Prostitution

Prostitution Research and Education

n. Sexual Orientation
(1) General
Lesbian and Gay Rights (ACLU)

Human Rights Campaign - offers current information about political figures' gay rights record as well as statistics and arguments.

Family Research Council - against homosexuality

Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund - gay rights organization

Sexual Orientation: Science, Education and Policy - contains a number of articles by psychologist Gregory Herek.

American Psychological Association Office on Sexual Orientation

(2) Same-Sex Marriages

Gay Marriage: Pros and Cons

(3) Health Issues

HIV Insite - Includes an extensive online textbook about AIDS.

(4) Conversion "Therapy"

Alliance for Therapeutic Choice (formerly NARTH) Home Page (pro-conversion therapy - contains lots of articles)

2009 APA Report

Herek's page on "Conversion Therapy"

o. Stem Cell Research  
Stem Cell Information - from the National Institutes of Health

Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity - opposes use of stem cells

p. War

3. Political Philosophy

Political Philosophy Internet Resources

1. Epistemology
The Epistemology Research Guide by Keith Korcz

The Epistemology Page by Keith DeRose

2. Philosophy of Science

The Philosophy of Science Association

Understanding Science

Kelley Ross' papers On Philosophy Of Science

The Karl Popper Web

Research Guide on Issues in Philosophy of Science


1. General
What Is Metaphysics?

Beyond Experience - A complete introductory metaphysics textbook by a well respected figure in the field available online free!

2. Philosophy of Religion & Atheism
(a) General Philosophy of Religion
Papers on-line by Alvin Plantinga, Peter van Inwagen and John Martin Fischer.

William Lane Craig's home page contains numerous pro-theistic articles he has written, and transcripts of debates.

The Secular Web - includes a huge on-line library.

Pro-Christian Philosophy From Leadership University - lots of on-line articles.

World Union of Deists

Peter Kreeft - a Christian Apologetics site, includes some clearly laid out arguments.

Ars Disputandi - an on-line journal of philosophy of religion.

(b) Humanist & Atheist Organizations

American Humanist Association

The Council For Secular Humanism / Free Inquiry

Corliss Lamont Website

American Atheists

Biblical America Resistance Front (BARF)

Freethought Debater

Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF)

(c) Creationism and Evolution
Science and Creationism: A View From the National Academy of Sciences - a terrific resource!

The Talk Origins Archive - a huge amount of information!

The Institute For Creation Research

Answers In Genesis - many articles from their Creation magazine are available online.

No Answers In Genesis

The Human Behavior and Evolution Society

Intelligent Design? A Special Report from Natural History Magazine - presents brief articles by creationists along with rebuttals.

Creation Research Society

Darwinism: Science or Philosophy? - papers from a symposium

National Center For Science Education - contains online pamphlets arguing against creationism as well as updates on current legal battles to get creationism taught in schools.

Understanding Evolution - very accessible discussion of evolution.

American Association for the Advancement of Science Evolution Page

Information about the International Flat Earth Society.

(d) Psychology of Religion
Psychology of Religion Page
(e) Religious Resources

The Catholic Encyclopedia - the 1908 edition online, dated but still contains lots of useful material!

Vatican website

Southern Baptist Convention website

Orthodox Jewish website

Theology Library - links organized by topic covering many religious traditions

(f) Biblical Criticism
The Jesus Seminar Home Page - as discussed in class.

The Skeptic's Annotated Bible - an online Bible with skeptical commentary.

Biblical Archeology Society - includes a few selected on-line papers from its publications.

TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism - articles on-line.

The Bible and Interpretation

(g) Miscellaneous

Shroud Of Turin Website - a huge collection of texts

Virtual Religion Index provides a detailed organization of links to sites relevant to religion.

Internet Sacred Text Archive - the texts themselves and articles and books about them - over 1700 sacred books!.

3. Philosophy of Mind

A History of the Mind-Body Problem from Descartes to James

4. Personal Identity

5. Abstract Objects

  The Metaphysics Research Lab

6. Ontology

Buffalo Ontology Links Site

Ontology - A Resource Guide for Philosophers
7. Causation

8. Philosophy Of Language

Philosophy of Language Links - online papers in philosophy of language!

9. Free Will
The Determinism and Freedom Philosophy Website - excellent set of resources by Ted Honderich

Papers on free will available online

Lecture notes on free will and determinism by Norman Swartz

1. Ancient Philosophy
Epicurean Philosophy

Plato and his Dialogues
2. Modern Philosophy

The West: Enlightenment to Present - extensive materials for a history course.

Early Modern Texts - in new translations.

Project Vox - devoted to women philosophers of the modern era.

3. Existentialism & Phenomenology

The History of Existentialism

4. Pragmatism
Pragmatism Cybrary
5. 20th Century Analytic
Hist-Analytic - contains links to numerous articles and other resources.

Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy

6. Web Pages Dedicated To Famous Philosophers In History

a. Links to Sites About Numerous Philosophers

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps - all in webcast form!
Kemmerling's Philosophers Page

Guide to the World's Philosophers

International Association for Scottish Philosophy

b. Classic Philosophy Texts Online

The Sophia Project - lots of original works online.

The Online Books Page (Philosophy)

The Internet Classics Archive

The Perseus Project - specializes in ancient philosophy. 

Early Modern Texts - with modernized language for easier reading!

Internet Archive - tons of old books!

DiText - lots of 20th centiry philosophy

c. Links Organized by Philosopher

Aquinas Online

Thomas Instituut Te Utrecht

Aristotle's Political Philosophy Page

Kemmerling's Aristotle page

Jeremy Bentham

The Bentham Project
George Berkeley
International Berkeley Society
Carnap, Rudolf

Cavendish, Margaret

Condorcet, Marquis de
Condorcet As Mathematician

Rene Descartes

Descartes and the Legacy of Mind-Body Dualism

Gottlob Frege
Gottlob Frege
Thomas Hobbes
Hobbes Studies

The European Hobbes Society
David Hume
The Hume Society

The Leeds Hume Project

Dr. Korcz's Hume on the Web

William James
The William James Society
Immanuel Kant
Kant On The Web  (Steven Palmquist's site)

G. J. Mattey's Kant Website

Julien Offray de LaMettrie
Some Texts By and About LaMettrie
Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm
Leibniz Page

Leibniz the Mathematician

Locke, John

John Locke Resources - with lots of additional info.

Locke Studies

Karl Marx
The Marx/Engels Internet Archive (texts online)
Marin Mersenne
Marin Mersenne Page
John Stuart Mill

Mill from Victorian Web - lots of info.!
Friedrich Nietzsche
The Perspectives of Nietzsche

Nietzsche Source - all of his works and estate documents, letters, notebooks and all, and searchable! In German.

C. S. Peirce
Commens - The Digital Companion to C. S. Pierce
  Plato page by Bernard Suzanne

  Ruins of Plato's Academy
Joseph Priestley

The King of Serendipity!

W. V. O. Quine

Quine Home Page

Thomas Reid

The Reid Society

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Rousseau Association

Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell Archives

The Bertrand Russell Society

Baruch Spinoza
Studia Spinoza - lots of links and works online!
Alexis de Tocqueville
Democracy In America
Ludwig Wittgenstein

The Wittgenstein Project - aims to include all of his works online for free!

a. Informal Logic/Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking On The Web - an amazing site!

CSI - Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (formerly CSICOP)

Kemerling's Logic Page

Stephen's Guide to Logical Fallacies

Informal Logic - an on-line journal

b. Symbolic Logic

Logic Primer - An Online Symbolic Logic Textbook

c. Deviant Logics

Fuzzy Logic FAQ


1. Philosophy From Around The World
Polish Philosophy

Chinese Characters and Culture - contains translations of Tao Te Ching and Analects with detailed explanations of the chinese symbols used in them.

2. Information About Philosophy Departments
The Gourmet Report
The Gourmet Report is a ranking of the top 50 or so Philosophy Departments around the world, including discussion of their strengths and weaknesses and links to their home pages.
Leiter Reports - philosophy blog.

3. The Philosopher's Song (Monty Python) (from YouTube)

4. (Attempts At) Philosophical Humor
Philosopher Action Figures!

The Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook

The Philosophical Lexicon - for those who know a lot of contemporary philosophers and what they're famous (or infamous) for, compiled by Daniel Dennett.

The Postmodernism Essay Generator - if you ever want to get a paper on postmodernism published, this is a real time saver!

Philosophy Games - provided by the Philosopher's Web Magazine.

Alan Sokal's Hoax

5. UL Lafayette Philosophy


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