The University of Louisiana at

              Lafayette Philosophy Club



Our Purpose:
                To promote philosophical awareness
                amongst UL Lafayette students
                and the community at large, to seek truth
                and justice, and to boldly go where no
                philosopher has gone before ...
Come To Our Meetings:
                Meetings are happening for Spring 2012!
                Visit us again here or look for our
                posters. Any changes will be announced
                in a timely fashion.
                There are no fees to attend meetings or
                become a member of the Philosophy Club.
                All UL students are welcome to attend!!
Our next meeting will be on Wednesday,
March 28 at 5:00pm in HLG 147.

Topic: "Essay Prize Winner" with Mark LaCour.


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Currently available:
Philosophy Club Censorship Debate
Philosophy Club Highlights Lesser Known Parties

See Dr. Ritchey's handout for her presentation
"Sexual Ethics and Premodern Christianity."

See Dr. Swanson's handout for the "Christian
 Nation" debate!

Also, you can take a look at an
 interesting page of quotes supporting
 church-state separation found by Dr. Korcz.

The readings list we mentioned at a previous
God debate is available.

                For more information, e-mail Keith Korcz

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You can also see a brief history of the
Philosophy Club or check out the Philosophy
Club constitution.

The Club Officers 2011-2012:

El Presidente Marcus McGahhey

Vice President Jessica Willis

Treasurer Jamie Fanol
Secretary Laurie Guilbeau

Minister of Propaganda Mark LaCour

Vice-Minister of Propaganda Hunter Trahan
Jester Destin Babin


Club Advisor: Dr. Keith Korcz


                For a huge number of links to interesting
                websites about philosophy, see our

                  Philosophy Links Page.


You can learn more about philosophy at the
                   Philosophy Program Home Page.


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