How To Survive Your First Philosophy Class


Welcome to Dr. Korcz's "How to Survive Your First Philosophy Class". Philosophy courses are probably different from other courses you have taken in the past. Not only are the issues different, but the philosophical approach to the issues takes some getting used to. The following pages are designed to help you along so you can get the most out of your philosophy courses. I have tried to include some basic and commonly asked for advice. But not everything works for everybody. Follow the advice that works best for you and ignore anything that causes confusion.

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Note: On most pages, a list of additional resources has been given. These will sometimes include web pages written by other people. Use your judgment when following their advice. I've included them because when I read them they seemed to contain some useful advice, but I can't guarantee they won't occasionally lead you astray when you read them.


List of Resources

1. On The Value Of An Education

2. Where Your Philosophy Professor Is Coming From

3. Basic Advice On Taking & Using Notes

4. How To Read a Philosophy Paper

5. Studying for a Philosophy Exam

6. Doing Research in Philosophy

7. Writing a Philosophy Paper

8. Links to Other Resources