K. Krishnamoorthy

Professor of Statistics

Philip and Jean Piccione Endowed Chair in Statistics

Department of Mathematics

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Lafayette, LA 70504-1010

Phone: 337-482-5283

E-mail: krishna@louisiana.edu

(Ph.D., 1985, Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur, India)



My research interests include multivariate data analysis, inferences with missing data, statistical tolerance region and calibration and meta analysis. I worked for my Ph.D. in the area of estimating multivariate normal parameters in a decision theoretic setup. I published several articles on estimation of normal covariance matrix, precision matrix, mean vector and eigenvalues. I also contributed in developing inferential procedures about normal mean vector, covariance matrix, and generalized variance based on missing data.

Recently, my research has focused towards the following areas of statistics:         (i) statistical tolerance region and calibration, (ii) statistical methods relevant to occupational exposure and pollution data, (iii) censored data analysis, (iv) small sample inference for discrete distributions, (v) multivariate statistical inference with missing data, and (vi) generalized (fiducial)  inference.

I am currently working on developing small sample statistical methods appropriate for analyzing workplace exposure data, and assessing workers exposure to workplace contaminants. This research involves work on lognormal distribution, tolerance limits for linear and mixed effect models, calibration methods, and inferential procedures based on samples with multiple detection limits.