Microelectronic Research Laboratory

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Louisiana at Lafayette


Microelectronic Research Laboratory is a research facility in the Electrical and Computer Engineering at UL Lafayette. There is more than $500,000 worth of R&D equipment to support fabrication of magnetic recording sensors and devices. It is equipment with a Class 100 Clean room for 4" wafer fabrication line of thin film sensor and devices.

A list of some of the equipment available in the Microelectronic Research Laboratory is provided.


-           Vacuum Deposition System and Thermal Evaporation System

-           Low Temperature (Corona Discharge) Oxidation Furnace

-           Thermocouple Gauge Controller Varian Model 815-L5700-301

-           Temperature Controllers with integral and derivative control (PID)

-           Vertical Laminar Flow work station Class-100

-           Four Point Probes Semi-Automatic Veeco FPP-5000

-           Scanning electron microscope

-           Class 100 Clean Room

-           DC/RF Sputtering System

-           Sub-micron Mask Aligner

-           Spin coater, Wafer Srciber, Model 2800 Semiconductor Equip.

-           Tencor Model P-10 Long Scan Surface Profiler

-           Hot-plate and several furnaces


-           Ultrasonic Wire Bonding System

-           HP4156A Precision Semiconductor Analyzer

-           Submicron Signaton Probe Station S-251

-           HP 4192A LF Impedance Analyzer

-           HP 35665A Dynamic Signal Analyzer

-           SPARC station 5 work station, Model 85 with 85 MHZ SPARC II processor 20-inch color monitor, 32-Mbte, 1.05 Gbyte.

-           TSUPREM-4 Software: 3-D VLSI processing simulation software package, MEDICI : Device simulation software package

-           Several IBM PCS with GPIB Interface cards

-           LabVIEW Software

-           PC fabrication