Digital Geometry Processing

CSCE 598

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General Information

Miao Jin Office hours: Tuesday 2:00pm - 5:00pm ACTR 237

Times & Places
MW 2:30pm - 4:30pm, ACTR 116

Theory and applications of discrete (digital) 3D mesh processing, focusing on representations and processing of polygonal geometric models, and applications in computer graphics.
Topics include: The lectures will cover the theoretical aspects, and provide hands-on experience.

CMPS 415 or CMPS/EECE 515 Computer Graphics (strongly recommended). Students should be familiar with C++ programming.


Mesh Models and Viewer

You can find several mesh models here with .m format.

For more mesh models, check these sites. They may have different formats, so you need to use converter.exe to convert their formats from .obj or .wrl to .m files. Usage of converter.exe can be found here: converter.txt.

3D Cafe
Ultimate 3D Links
Amazing 3D Graphics

Mesh (.m format)viewer:g3dogl.exe; usage of g3dogl: g3dogl.txt;


Mesh Library

For course project, you can download here: Simple Mesh library

Mesh library on the Internet