Myasthenia Gravis
Treatment of Swallowing Disorders
Kay Duhon & Sally Tompkins

· There is no cure, but complete remission is possible
· Symptoms may include the following: dyphasia, frequent gagging or choking, difficulty chewing, also affects the muscles involved in talking and breathing, posterior swallowing time is effected the most.  These symptoms worsen with use (eating, talking) and improve with rest.


Compensatory strategies/ Swallowing therapy

Therefore, not many therapy procedures are recommended due to fatigue factor.  Diet changes and head turning may be the best compensation.  However, limiting diet in those patients who already find eating to be a chore, may lead to more negative reactions toward food.  Eating more small meals per day instead of 3 large ones is highly recommended.  Potassium-rich foods may be important in the diet if a deficiency is the source of muscle weakness.