CURM Undergraduate Mathematics Research Projects

Analysis, linear algebra, dynamics and modelling

2019-2020 Academic Year

Prairie View A&M University and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Organizers: Ross Chiquet (UL - Lafayette), P. W. Ng (UL - Lafayette), Leonel Robert (UL - Lafayette), Tracy Robin (Prairie View A&M), Amy Veprauskas (UL - Lafayette)

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Fontainebleau Park


Funded mathematics research projects, under the supervision of faculty advisors, will be available to undergraduate students at Prairie View A&M and UL Lafayette, during the 2019-2020 academic year. Students will be paid a stipend as well as travel expenses to mathematics conferences.

The research projects will be such that students will be able to jump in and start doing research right away. At the same time, while working through the problems, they will be learning and consolidating deeper concepts in mathematics -- especially in analysis and linear algebra -- which will be important for them later on and in graduate school.

The two proposed projects seem to have completely different starting points, but lead eventually to the same types of fundamental mathematics. This will be a great way to convey to students the breadth, diversity and applications of mathematics, while contrasting it with the unity of mathematics. The groups at both universities will work together on the projects, and presentations will be made at the universities' Undergraduate Seminar. At the end of the projects, papers will be published and talks will be given at mathematics conferences.

The deadline for applications from students is May 14, 2019. Please see the link ``Application procedures and funding" above.

We are committed to the strengthening and enrichment of the mathematics personnel base and development of the local region. Students from underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.

These projects are funded by the Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics (CURM), which is an institution supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Please send any questions to any of the organizers.