Registration & Participant List

Funding decisions have already been completed. Howevever, everyone is welcomed to come and registration is free. We request everyone to register in order to provide enough supplies etc. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

To register, please email to (or to any of the organizers or the principal lecturer) the following information:

(1) Your full name
(2) Your research interests
(3) Your organization
(4) Your position in the organization
(5) Your email address
(6) Your mailing address
(7) Will you be going to the banquet? If so, how many people are accompanying you? (The banquet is approximately 26USD.)

Note: If we have offered you funding support for your travel, NSF regulations require that plane tickets be purchased from U.S. air carriers. Also, the appropriate visa is required for processing the reimbursement. (Except for US or Canadian citizens, the usual visas are B--1, WB, J--1, F--1 or H1-B.) Please email us if you have any questions.

Please send any questions to or any of the organizers.

Participant List (group photo):

Ramon Antoine (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)
Gary Birkenmeier (UL Lafayette)
Joan Bosa (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)
Julian Buck (Francis Marion U.)
Nate Brown (Penn State U.)
Jose R. Carrion (Purdue)
Chi Weng Cheong (Purdue)
Marius Dadarlat (Purdue)
Randombage Prabuddhi Kaushika De Silva (Purdue)
Vinodh Challamuthu (UL Lafayette)
Wai Kit Chan (Texas A and M)
Daniel Davis (UL Lafayette)
Liam Dickson (U. of Glasgow)
Ken Dykema (Texas A and M)
George Elliott (U. of Toronto and Fields Institute)
Dominic Enders (Muenster)
Martin Engbers (Muenster)
Ilijas Farah (York)
Eusebio Gardella. (U. of Oregon)
Thierry Giordano (U. of Ottawa)
Daniel Goncalves (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)
Genady Grabarnik (St. Johns U.)
Jared Guilbeau (UL Lafayette)
Allison Hardy (UL Lafayette)
Siri-Malen Hoynes (NTNU--Trondheim)
Bhishan Jacelon (Muenster)
David Kerr (Texas A and M)
Minh Kha (Texas A and M)
Richard Leblanc (UL Lafayette)
Hyun Ho Lee (U. of Ulsan)
Zhiqiang Li (Fields Institute)
Martino Lupini (York)
Baoling Ma (UL Lafayette)
Tao Mei (Wayne State U.)
David Milan (U. of Texas Tyler)
Yasushi Nagai (Keio U.)
V. Nekrashevych (Texas A and M)
P. W. Ng (UL Lafayette)
Ricky Ng (Houston)
Zhuang Niu (Memorial U. of Newfoundland)
Joav Orovitz (Ben--Gurion)
Carlos M. Ortiz-Marrero (U. of Houston)
Francesc Perera (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)
Ian Putnam (Victoria)
Timothy Rainone (Texas A and M)
Sarah Reznikoff (Kansas State U.)
Min Ro (U. of Oregon)
Leonel Robert (UL Lafayette)
Christopher Ryan (UL Lafayette)
Luis Santiago (U. of Oregon)
Claude Schochet (Wayne State U.)
Adam Sierakowski (U. of Ottawa)
Christian Skau (NTNU--Trondheim)
Roger Smith (Texas A and M)
Charles Starling (U. of Ottawa)
Karen Strung (Muenster)
Michael Sun (U. of Oregon)
Mark Tomforde (Houston)
Gabriele Tornetta (Nottingham)
Francisco Torres-Ayala (Texas A and M)
Nicola Watson (U. of Toronto)
Samuel Webster (U. of Wollongong)
Tristan Whalen (Houston)
Stuart White (U. of Glasgow)
Paulette Willis (Houston)
Wilhelm Winter (Muenster)
Aleksey Zelenberg (Penn State U.)