Thomas Schoonover, CURRICULUM VITAE   [05/04]


Thomas Schoonover       History Department
172 Antigua Drive             University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lafayette, LA 70503          PO Box 4-2531
Lafayette, LA 70504-2531  Office: (337) 482-5416
Tel.: (337) 984-9705         Fax: (337) 482-6809

Birthdate: May 27, 1936, Place of Birth: Winona, Minnesota

1.   Education:
Winona High School,             1950-1954
Univ. of Minnesota,               1954-1960                     B.A., 1958
Louisiana State Univ.,           1960-1961                     M.A., 1961
Univ. of Heidelberg,              1965-1967
Univ. of Madrid,                    1967 (summer)
Univ. of Minnesota,               1961-1962, 1967-1970    Ph.D., 1970
Thesis: The Military Thought of Thomas Jackson and William Sherman.
Dissertation: Mexican-United States Relations, 1861-1867.

2. Language Schools:
Goethe Institut (Germany), June-July, 1965 (German Certificate)
Instituto Alvin (Spain), Sept.-Oct., 1965
Eurocenter for Language Study (Spain), Sept.-Oct., 1966 (Spanish Certificate)
Alliance Française (France), Aug., 1964, Aug., 1965, Aug., 1966, July-Aug., 1977.

3.   Language Proficiency:
Read and speak fluently: German and Spanish
Read well, speak some: French
Read well enough for research purposes: Portuguese, Dutch, and Italian.

4.   Teaching Experience:
Univ. of Minnesota, Graduate Gradership, 1958-1959;
Univ. of Minnesota, Teaching Assistant, History, 1959-1960;
Louisiana State Univ., Teaching Assistant, History, 1960-1961;
Univ. of Minnesota, Teaching Assistant, History, 1961-1962;
Univ. of Wisconsin (LaCrosse), Instructor of History, 1962-1963;
Univ. of Maryland (European Division), Lecturer of History, 1963-1967;
Univ. of SW Louisiana (changed to Univ. of Louisiana at Lafayette, 1999), Inst. of Hist., 1969-1970; Asst. Prof., 1970-1975; Assoc. Prof., 1975-1988; Prof., 1988-;
Univ. of Louisiana at Lafayette, SLEMCO/Board of Regents Support Fund Professor in Liberal Arts, 1999-2002;
Univ. of Louisiana at Lafayette, Sagrera/Board of Regents Support Fund Professor of History, 2002-2005;
Univ. of Bielefeld (Germany), Fulbright-Hays Senior Lecturer, 1981-1982;
Cornell University, visiting professor, summer 1990, 1997.

Courses taught:
lecture courses (frequency)
U.S. history survey, 1865/1877-present (regularly)
U.S. history survey, to 1865/1877 (occasionally)
U.S. history survey, since 1877, honors course (irregularly, last 1996)
World/Western/European civilization to 1500/1660 (not recently)
World/Western/European civilization since 1500/1660 (occasionally)
U.S. Foreign Relations since 1776   (regularly, last 2004)
U.S. Foreign Relations since 1912 (1990)
U.S.-Central American Relations (1985, 1986, 1989, 1990)
Civil War and Reconstruction (regularly 1962-1967)
U.S. in 20th Century World (not since 1967)
20th Century Europe (1962)
Modern U.S. history, 1929-present (1976)
Radicalism in the U.S. since 1865 (1978, 1988)
U.S. multinationals since the late 19th century (1981, 1989)
Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean (1997)
Latin America in the Modern Age (Cornell, summer school 1997; USL, 1998)
Sport and Leisure in the Industrial United States, 1850-c. 1960 (1999, 2001, 2003)
Modern America, 1877 to 1945 (1999)
Humanities 101 (2002, 2003)

seminars/reading courses:
graduate seminar in research and writing (1985-1988, 2002)
graduate reading course in U.S. history (1979, 1994, 1995, 2001, 2004)
readings course in women in U.S. history (1973)
selected topics in U.S. history (radicalism, political economy, racism, ethnocentricism, labor) (1982)
seminar in U.S. history (1974)
seminar in U.S. foreign relations (1981, 1998)
U.S., Germany, and France in the Caribbean and Central America, since 1800 (1982)

5.   Honors and Grants:
Joseph L. Merriam Freshman Scholarship, Univ. of Minnesota, 1954-1955;
Univ. of Minnesota Bookstore Scholarship, 1957-1958;
Chicago Civil War Round Table Fellowship, 1968-1969;
Univ. of Minnesota Graduate School Grant, 1968-1969;
McMillan Travel Grant, 1968-1969;
Univ. of SW Louisiana Foundation Grants, 1971, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1983;
Younger Humanist Fellowship, National Endowment for the Humanities, 1972-1973;
Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (German Academic Exchange Service) Grant, 1975, 1986 (declined), 1987;
nominated Fulbright Lectureship in Guatemala, 1978-79;
Organization of American States Fellowship, 1979 (declined);
American Philosophical Society Grant, summer 1979, summer 1980;
Southern Regional Educational Board Grant, summer 1980;
NEH Summer Seminar 1980 (Robin Winks, "Comparative Imperialism," Yale University);
Andrew Mellon Travel Award, Tulane Univ., 1980-1981, 1983, 1986;
nominated Fulbright Lectureship in Mexico, 1980-81;
Fulbright-Hays Lectureship, Univ. of Bielefeld, Germany, 1981-1982;
Univ. of SW Louisiana Distinguished Professor Award, 1981-1982;
Fritz Thyssen Stiftung Grant, 1982;
American Historical Association Albert J. Beveridge Research Grant, 1983, 1987;
Guide to American Foreign Relations since 1700 selected by Choice, 21 (May, 1984), p. 1242 as an Outstanding
Academic Book for 1984, also awarded place on the list of "Best Reference Books for 1983" by the American Library Association;
Fulbright supplementary award, Germany 1985-1986 (Universität Giessen) (declined);
nominated for Fulbright, Giessen, 1986-87 (declined);
NEH Summer Seminar 1986 (Ralph Lee Woodward, "Central America," Tulane);
USL Summer Faculty Grant, 1988, 1989;
USL Faculty Research Award, 1991;
Louis Martin Sears Lecture, Purdue University, March 1994;
Alfred B. Thomas Book Award from the South Eastern Council on Latin American Studies for best book in 1998;
member, Phi Kappa Phi, 1999 -

6.   Professional Service:
Area Editor, The Americas: A Quarterly Review of Inter-American Cultural History, 1973-1985, 1988-1991.
Abstractor, Historical Abstracts, 1973-1989;
Abstractor, America: History and Life, 1975-1989;
Refereeing of manuscripts, Pacific Historical Review, 1976- ; Diplomatic History, 1979- ; Radical History Review,
1979- ; Social Science History, 1979- ; Journal of Forest History, 1989; International History Review, 1989- ;
Journal of Latin American Studies, 1992- ; Journal of American History, 1993- ; Hispanic American Historical Review, 1994- ;
South Eastern Latin Americanist, 1999- ; Journal of Latin American Studies, 2001- ;
Evaluating manuscripts: John Wiley, 1970; University Presses of Florida, 1978-1981; University of Nebraska
Press, 1988; University of Oklahoma Press, 1991; Scholarly Resources, 1993, 2000; The Johns Hopkins
University Press, 1993; Duke University Press, 1995; Texas A. and M. University Press, 1996; Harcourt Brace, 1997, 1999;
Diplomatic Steering Committee, Social Science History Association, 1977-1980;
Editorial Board , Diplomatic History, 1978-1981;
NEH-LaEH public panels on the Citizen and the U.S. Political System, 1973-74;
National Endowment for the Humanities Grant Reviewer, 1978- ;
Stuart L. Bernath Book Award Committee (SHAFR), 1979-1982;
Regional Associate, Radical History Review, 1979-1982;
Judge, Phi Alpha Theta History Essay Contest (Alabama), 1979;
Organizational Secretary , Marxist Perspectives, 1980-1981;
Society of Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR), special committee of funding, 1980-1983;
German Fulbright Committee to select German students, Nov., 1981;
external, reviewer: Univ. of Minnesota (promotion to professor, 1979); Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (tenure,1980); Univ. of Minnesota (tenure and promotion to associate professor, 1986); Univ. of Massachusetts at Amherst (tenure and promotion to associate professor, 1992); Trinity College (contract renewal, pre-tenure, 1993); University of South Florida (promotion to professor, 1998); University of Southern Mississippi (promotion to assoc. professor, 1998); Purdue University (promotion to full professor, 2002);
nominated for the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) council, not elected 1985-86;
Conference on Latin American History, Committee on Historical Statistics, 1989-1992;
secretary (1990-1991) and chairman (1991-1992) of the Caribe-Central American Committee of the Conference on Latin American History;
Southern Historical Assoc. program committee for 1993 convention in Orlando, FL, SECOLAS representative;
convenor and temporary chairperson, Committee on International Scholars of the Conference on Latin American History, 1992;
chair local arrangements and program committee for the South Eastern Council on Latin American Studies meeting, Lafayette, LA, 7-9 April 1994;
evaluation for the OAH annual prize for the best book in American History in a foreign language, 1995; evaluations for the OAH annual prize for the best article on American History in a foreign language, 1997, 1998;
lectured, led colloquia at the Instituto de Investigaciones José María Luis Mora, Mexico City, Nov. 20-26, 1995;
roundtable discussion on future of Carib-Central American Committee, AHA, Atlanta, 6 Jan. 1996;
member (1995-1997, chr. 1997-1998), Leavitt Sturgis Prize committee for SECOLAS;
member (1999-2002), council of the Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (SHGAPE);
chair local arrangements and program committee for the South Eastern Council on Latin American Studies meeting, Lafayette, LA, March 1999;
Member (1999-2001), A.B. Thomas Book Award Committee for the South Eastern Council on Latin American Studies;
named to Organization of American History Lectureship Program, fall 1999-;
member (2000-2004), David Thelen Prize Committee (OAH) for best article on U.S. history in a foreign language;
chair (2002, SHGAPE nominating committee, member (2000-2001);
president-elect of South Eastern Council on Latin American Studies, 2 March 2002, at Mobile AL meeting;
president of South Eastern Council on Latin American Studies, 7 March 2003, at Chapel Hill, NC meeting;
presided, South Eastern Council on Latin American Studies meeting, 4-6 March 2004, at Santo Domingo, DR;
LEH, Reading in Literature and Culture, Participants in World War II, 27 Jan-9 March 2004, Baldwin, LA.

7.   Professional Organizations:
Organization of American Historians (OAH), 1958 life-member;
American Historical Association (AHA), 1969 life-member;
American Association of University Professors, 1969-1991;
Society of Historians of American Foreign Relations, 1969 life-member;
Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association, 1970-2000;
Mid-Atlantic Radical Historical Organization, 1970-1991;
SE Conference on Latin American Studies (SECOLAS), 1973- present;
Southern Historical Association, 1974-1975;
Conference on Latin American History, 1974- present;
Latin American Studies Association, 1976-1979;
Social Science History Association, 1977-1980, 1985-1988;
Phi Alpha Theta, 1977-1990;
Southwestern Social Science Association, 1984-85;
Association of Third World Studies, 1987-1992;
World History Association, 1989-1993;
Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (SHGAPE), 1994- .

8.   Foreign Research:
99 months in Europe: England, West Germany, East Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, France, Spain, and Italy (1963-1967, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1978, 1981-1982, 1984, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001; 2002);
10 months in Mexico (1968-1969, 1970, 1971, 1972-1973, 1995);
12 months in Central America: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica (1971, 1972, 1978, 1988, 1990, 1991).

9.   Local Service and Honors:
Univ. of SW Louisiana Chapter, AAUP, 1969- 1989;
NAACP, Lafayette Chapter, 1969-1978; 4th Vice President, 1971-1974;
ACLU, Lafayette Chapter, 1970-1975; President, 1972;
St. Paul's Lafayette Federal Credit Union, Board of Directors and bookkeeping, 1970-1995;
Parent-Teacher's Association, 1973-1981;
Univ. of SW Louisiana Faculty Senate, 1973-1975, 1978-1981, 1982-1989, 2000-2001;
Mayor's Distinguished Citizen Award (Lafayette), 1974;
"Friends" of Lafayette Public Library, 1979- 1995;
"Friends" of Louisiana Public Broadcasting, 1982- present;
radio interview, KPEL, 2 Dec. 1985, commemorating 162nd anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine;
Lafayette Youth Soccer Association, Coaching and Central Organization Committee, 1979-1981;
Louisiana Youth Soccer Association State Tournament, Coach of Lafayette U-14 team, 1980, 1981;
Northside High School soccer team, coaching assistant, 1983-1984;
Univ. of SW Louisiana Soccer Club, adviser, 1982-89, 1993-present; coach, 1983-84;
Cajun Soccer Club, coaching assistant, U-19 teams, 1983-85, 1988-1996: 1990-91 (second in State Open Tournament), 1991-92 (second in State Open Tournament); 1993-94 (State Open Tournament);
Acadiana High School soccer team, assistant coach, 1984-85 (undefeated parish champions), 1985-86 (undefeated parish champions; lost in 1st round of State Tournament); 1986-87 (parish champions; State Tournament semifinalist);
Lafayette High School soccer team, assistant coach, 1987-88 (parish co-champions; lost in first round of State Tournament); 1988-89 (4th in parish); 1989-90 (2nd in parish; State Tournament semifinalist); 1990-91 (parish champions; Pineville Tournament champions; State Tournament semifinalist); 1991-92 (parish co-champions; lost in second round of the state tournament); 1992-93 (parish champions; State Tournament quarterfinalist); 1993-94 (parish champions; State Tournament); 1994-1995 (parish champions; State Tournament Bi-District); 1995-1996 (parish 2nd place, State Tournament Semi-finalist);
Chairperson, "Campus Life Exhibit," Student Union, USL's Centennial Committee, 1997-2000;

10.   Publications:

a)   Books:

Dollars over Dominion: The Triumph of Liberalism in Mexican-United States Relations, 1861-1867 (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1978).
Reviews: Choice 15 (Dec. 1978):1429; History 7 (Nov.-Dec. 1978):29-30; Louisiana History 20 (Winter 1979):122-23; American Historical Review 84 (April 1979):560-61; Journal of Southern History 45 (May 1979):283-84; Journal of American History 66 (June 1979):167-68; Civil War History 30 (June 1979):185-87; The Americas 36 (July 1979):148-49; Latin America in Books 2 (Summer 1979):36; Hispanic American Historical Review 59 (Nov. 1979):742-43; Southern Studies 18 (Fall 1979):375-76; Journal of Historical Geography [London] 6 (April 1980):226-27; East Texas Historical Journal 18 (Fall 1980):75-76; Historische Zeitschrift 231 (Oct. 1980):486-87; Pacific Historical Review 49 (Nov. 1980):678-79; History [England] 65 (Nov. 1980):451-52; Verfassung und Recht in Übersee [Hamburg] 13:3 (1980):265-67; Historia Mexicana 31 (June 1982):642-46.

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"Statistics for the Understanding of the Foreign Intrusion into Central America from the 1820s to 1930,"
with Ebba Schoonover [book-length manuscript published in Revista Anuario de Estudios Centroamericanos [Costa Rica], 1989/90 in three parts] part 1, 15:1 (1989):93-117; part 2, 16:1 (1990):135-56; part 3, 17:2 (1991):77-119.

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Uncle Sam's War and the Origins of Globalization (Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2003).

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b) Edited volumes:

Hemispheric Connections: The Gulf Caribbean and Beyond, vol. 34 (October 2002) [appeared in 2003], SECOLAS Annals. Statesboro, GA: Georgia Southern University, 2002.   Nancy Schumaker, editor; Thomas Schoonover, Peter G. Gushue, Yvonne Unnold, and Julie Greer Johnson, associate editors.

c) Chapters, Sections, Parts of Books:

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chair, session entitled: “Words of Exclusion: Language and Politics in Twentieth-Century Cuba and Mexico,” SECOLAS meeting, Chapel Hill, NC, 7 March 2003;

i) Books, Articles, and Papers Accepted:

"Uncle Sam's War of 1898 and Globalization," Historically Speaking 5:5 (June 2004): ;

“A German Spy and a British Novelist: Heinz August Lüning, Graham Greene's Man in Havana,” talk prepared for ULL History Dept., fall 2004;”

j) Research and Writing Projects in Progress:

"Competitive Imperialism: The United States Challenges the World in Middle America, 1821-1929," 875 page manuscript in draft stage;

"A German Spy and a British Novelist: Heinz August Luning, Graham Greene's Man in Havana," 180 page book mss;

"U.S. Foreign Relations in the Age of Industrialization, 1850 to 1921," book-length manuscript in 70-page outline;

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