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The Lloyd Roeling Mathematics Conference is a regional conference held annually at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The topic of the 2024 iteration was algebraic topology. It was held March 15–17, 2024 in Oliver Hall 101.

Supported by the National Science Foundation (#2341618) and the Department of Mathematics at UL Lafayette.

Invited Speakers

Code of Conduct

We are committed to fostering an inclusive and safe conference environment for all participants. We expect all attendees to respect each other, maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and refrain from any form of harassment or discrimination. Please engage in open and constructive dialogue, prioritize the well-being of others, and report any concerns either to an organizer, or to Prof. Bruce Wade (Department Head). Your cooperation helps create a positive and enjoyable conference experience for everyone.

Conference Schedule

Time Friday 3/15 Saturday 3/16 Sunday 3/17
9:00 Robertson Haine
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Housden Petersen
11:00 Szczesny Bibby
11:30 Break for lunch
13:20 Welcome
13:30 Antolín Camarena
14:00 Villareal
14:30 Break
14:45 Wisdom Bobkova
15:15 Gunjal
15:45 Break
16:00 Mincheva Tawfeek
16:30 Pavlov


Classifying spaces for commutativity in groups

Omar Antolín Camarena (UNAM) Friday 1:30 Slides

Properties and Examples of A-Landweber Exact Spectra

Noah Wisdom (Northwestern) Friday 2:45

Stabilization of 2-Crossed Modules

Milind Gunjal (Florida State) Friday 3:15

Tropical adic spaces

Kalina Mincheva (Tulane) Friday 4:00

Infinity cyclic operads, configuration spaces and Galois symmetries

Marcy Robertson (Melbourne) Saturday 9:00

Elmendorf's Theorem for Diagrams

Hannah Housden (Vanderbilt) Saturday 10:30

From Cubes to Stars: Revisiting the Additivity of the Little Cube Operads

Ben Szczesny (Ohio State) Saturday 11:00

Contractibility of the orbit space of a saturated fusion system after Steinberg

Jonathon Villareal (UL Lafayette) Saturday 2:00

Resolutions of spectra in chromatic homotopy theory

Irina Bobkova (Texas A&M) Saturday 2:45

A tropical framework for using Porteous' formula

Andrew Tawfeek (University of Washington) Saturday 4:00

The geometric cobordism hypothesis and locality of extended field theories

Dmitri Pavlov (Texas Tech) Saturday 4:30

Exodromy in topology and applications

Peter Haine (Berkeley) Sunday 9:00 Slides

A Thom Spectrum Model for \(C_2\)-Integral Brown–Gitler Spectra

Sarah Petersen (Colorado) Sunday 10:30

Supersolvable posets and fiber-type arrangements

Christin Bibby (LSU) Sunday 11:00