Daniel Cring


Department of Sociology and Anthropology

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Lafayette Louisiana 70504-0198 USA

Phone: 1-337-482-5370

e-mail: cring@louisiana.edu


Teaching interests:

       Cultural Anthropology

       Biological Anthropology

       Medical Anthropology

       Forensic Anthropology



Research interests:

        The Social Imperative

        Dental Anthropology


        Forensic Anthropology

        Archaeology in Spain





The Social Imperative

(and the social consequences of global over-population)

Anthropology and Archaeology in Spain

        El Rocio (2006)

        Two Archaeological sites in the SE of Spain (Murcia and Albacete)

        Cadiz (Gadir, Gades)





Forensic Anthropology

Underwater Archaeology

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