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I am an Assistant Professor at The Center of Advanced Computer Studies, University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I am also an adjunct assistant professor at Queen's School of Computing. Before joining CACS I was an NSERC posdoc fellow at Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science. I received my PhD from Queen's University in 2013. My research interests span the areas of mobile and ubiquitous computing, distributed systems, context-aware cyber-physical systems, and elastic networking paradigms to cope with dynamic applications. My current research focus is on novel Ubiquitous Cloud paradigms and Internet of Things (IoT). Google Scholar Index.

I lead the IoT Research Lab at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


Latest Highlights

- 7/2017     Project on "Data Integrity of Smart City Traffic Infrastructure" awarded! Thank you CVDI IAB: CGI!

- 7/2017     Project on "Enabling Mobile Visual Analytics" awarded! Thank you CVDI IAB: Lite!

- 6/2017     Paper on "An Empirical Study of Latency in an Emerging Class of Edge Computing Applications" accepted to SEC'17. Congratulations Zhuo (CMU).

- 6/2017     Project on "Improving Student Learning in Hydrology \& Water Resources Engineering by Enabling the Development, Sharing and Interoperability of Active Learning Resources" awarded! Thank you NSF! (Award ID: 1726965)

- 4/2017     Project on "Dynamic Access Control in IoT Deployments" awarded! Thank you Board of Regent! (Award ID: LEQSF(2017-20)-RD-A-19)

- 11/2016     Our chapter on secure healthcare services accepted to Emergent Computation.

- 08/2016     Joined CACS at University of Louisiana at Lafayette as an assistant professor.

- 04/2016     Our paper on Web service discovery for IoT deployments accepted to IJSC. Congratulations Yehia.

- 02/2016     IoT Expedition received funding extension.

- 02/2016     Our workshop on distributed mobile systems and IoT services (DMSS 2016) is open for submissions.

- 02/2016     Sima Soltani (my 1st PhD student) received her PhD from Queen's, congratulations Dr. Soltani.

- 01/2016     Our workshop on Scalable Interent of Things (S-IoT 2016) is open for submissions.

- 01/2016     Open Face v2 released on github.

- 01/2016     Our paper on Access Control accepted to IEEE BigDataSecruity 2016. Congratulations Nafiseh.

- 12/2015     Our paper on Mobile Face Recognition accepted to WCNC 2016. Congratulations Galal.

- 12/2015     Serving as workshop chair for UCC2016, Shanghai, China.

- 12/2015     Organizing Worshop on Scalable Internet of Things (S-IoT'2016)-- submission open.

- 11/2015     Visited Google@Mountain View and gave a research talk on Edge Analytics for IoT.

- 10/2015     Our paper on Cloud Monitoring accepted to UCC2015. Congratulations Saad and Marwa.

- 09/2015     Our team @ CMU is leading the Google IoT expedition.

- 07/2015     New OCE VIP/NSERC ENGAGE(CA) project on Ubiquitous Mobile Service Exchange is awarded.

- 03/2015     Received NSERC PDF Award.

- 04/2015     Our paper goDiscovery accepted to ICWS 2015. Congratulations Yehia.

- 03/2015     Paper submission is open for DMSS 2015 (please contribute).

- 03/2015     Paper submission is open for UMC 2015-IEEE SERVICES 2015 (please contribute).