Philosophy 111:
    Contemporary Moral Dilemmas

Welcome to the course home page for Dr. Korcz's Contemporary Moral Dilemmas Class, Fall 2018!

Section 001:
Meeting Time: MWF 12:00 am - 12:50 am
Meeting Place: HLG 502
Course #: 24455

About the Class

1. The online syllabus for the course. This includes readings available online, useful links, etc.

2. You can see how previous students evaluated this course here. (NOTE: You'll need to click on the "Back" button of your browser to return to this page.)

3. You can also read an article published in The Vermillion about this course when it was first created at UL.
Study Aids

1. See my How To Survive Your First Philosophy Course pages for advice on writing papers, studying for exams, taking notes, etc.

2. Here are some practice exercises, with answers, to help you understand validity.

3. Here is a detailed example of how to do an appeal-to-experts extra-credit assignment.

4. Try an interactive crossword puzzle on Ethical Theory to help you study for the first exam!
For Further Exploration

1. See some online videos
relevant to issues in the course.

2. For additional philosophy related links, some of which are relevant to issues discussed in class, see my PhilosophyLinks. In the Applied Ethics section, you'll find links to pages about abortion, homosexuality, psychoactive drugs, the death penalty, animal rights, and many other topics as well.

3. Some suggestions for further reading.

4. You can read a survey of student interest in ethical issues taken in my PHIL 111 classes from Fall 1998-1999.

5. See how studying philosophy can enhance your education and your career!

6. My home page connects you to all my stuff.

You can e-mail Dr. Korcz by clicking here.

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