The Epistemology Research Guide

My aim here has been to provide a convenient list of resources for those working in contemporary analytic epistemology. I have focused primarily on gathering links to professional papers available online. Please send comments, suggestions, and notice of dead or recommended links to Dr. Keith Korcz at

The links to papers are now also organized by subject. See the Epistemology Research Guide: Subject Index.

Also, see the ERG Bibliography.

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Table of Contents

1. Some Detailed Epistemology Course Pages

2. Links to Links to Philosophy Papers On the Web

3. Other Sites Devoted to Contemporary Analytic Epistemology

4. Epistemology Blogs

5. Bibliographic Resources in Epistemology

6. Encyclopedia Articles on Epistemology

7. Buying Philosophy Books Online

8. Links To 1247 Online Papers In Contemporary Analytic Epistemology + Epistemologist's Home Pages

1. Some Detailed Epistemology Course Pages

The book Teaching Theory of Knowledge, edited by Marjorie Clay and published in 1986, is available online!

Michael Tooley's Very Detailed Notes for an Epistemology Course

G. J. Mattey's Course Notes On Lehrer's Theory Of Knowledge

James Pryor's Lecture Notes

Summer School For Theory of Knowledge

Readings In Religious Epistemology - detailed course notes from Michael Sudduth

Richard Feldman's Course Pages

2. Links to Links to Philosophy Papers On the Web

(The following sites are not limited to epistemology papers.)

Philpapers - large database of philosophy papers.

PH Online - lots of papers!

Connectionist Epistemology

Chalmers' List - extensive list of online papers, mostly in philosophy of mind/cognitive science.

Online Papers From NYU

The Paideia Project - Contains hundreds of philosophy papers online.

CogPrints - contains a huge number of papers in philosophy and in cognitive science.

Papers Presented to the 1998 Philosophy of Science Association - contains over 60 papers in philosophy of science.

Research Seminar on Language and Philosophy of Mind - contains several papers by some of the top people in the field.

Front for the Mathematics Archive - Logic - contains papers in logic.

The Logic Group Preprint Series

For links to Online Philosophy Journals, see the Epistemelinks List.

Memetics Publications on the Web - an extensive set of links to papers.

Philosophy of Language Links - online papers in philosophy of language!

3. Other Sites Devoted to Contemporary Analytic Epistemology

The Epistemology Page - by Keith DeRose, this page contains a bibliography of some epistemology papers published since 1995, a guide to departments strong in epistemology and other resources.

EpistemeLinks Epistemology Page - contains links to several sites, plus a list of relevant online encyclopedia entries, etc.

Vagueness - includes many online articles on vagueness and the Sorites Paradox, assembled by Justin Needle.

4. Epistemology Blogs

Certain Doubts - a blog devoted to epistemology from Jonathan Kvanvig.

Epistemic Value - administrated by Duncan Pritchard.

Knowability - devoted to issues "modal epistemic," from Joe Salerno.

JanusBlog - the virtue theory discussion forum.

Reformed Epistemology - with Michael Sudduth.


5. Bibliographic Resources in Epistemology
KLI Theory Lab offers a heavily cross-indexed bibliography of books and articles in epistemology, as well as other areas in philosophy (mostly philosophy of science and cognitive science).

Keith DeRose has a partially annotated bibliography of contextualism online, including some links to online articles.

Keith DeRose's The Epistemology Page also contains an alphabetical bibliography of epistemology papers published since 1995.

The LPSG Epistemology and Methodology bibliographic essay is very well organized and nicely done.

The Selection Theory Bibliography, organized by author, contains contains mostly references to work in evolutionary epistemology. It was created by Gary Cziko and Donald Campbell.

The Reformed Epistemology Bibliography, by Michael Sudduth, is divided into ten sub-categories, and works are listed in chronological order.

Ronald Chrisley has created a bibliography of non-conceptual content, with links to some papers online.

Richard Carrier has created a Comprehensive Bibliography on Skeptical Thought in the Ancient World, divided into several subsections.

John Sutton has a Philosophy of Memory bibliography, much of which is at an introductory level.

Andrew Chrucky has a bibliography of theory of knowledge, mostly listing books from the 1960s and 1970s.

Alex Byrne's Bibliography of Color and Philosophy. Also available from David Hilbert, plus a Glossary of color science terms.

The ERG Bibliography includes a suggested core library, books for teaching epistemology, etc.

6. Encyclopedia Articles on Epistemology

Encyclopedia articles on epistemology are not linked here, but a complete list can be found in the epistemology encyclopedia articles section of epistemelinks.

7. Buying Philosophy Books Online
A number of useful philosophy books are out of print and, in most places, local bookstores are unlikely to have a good selection of relevant books. There are, however, some excellent free resources for finding out-of-print books on the Internet. I have collected a large set of links to these resources on my Bookhound Page. What follows is a brief description of some of the most useful of these resources.

There are thousands of bookstores around the world which have their catalogs of used books online, but searching each of these is impractical. However, it is sometimes useful to be able to contact particular stores which specialize in philosophy books. I have linked three of the largest of these here. Fortunately, there are meta-search engines for such stores. For example, one of the largest of these, Abebooks, lists over 110 million books from over 13,500 independent used-book stores around the world. You can search such databases by keyword, author, title, subject, publisher, price, binding, country, etc.

Better yet, there are meta-meta search engines. Perhaps the largest of these is, which searches 10 meta-search engines devoted to used books (including Abebooks) plus 8 major online sellers of new books. Bookfinder searches the inventories of over 20,000 booksellers around the world, and its database contains over 150 million books. There are also many other such meta-search engines, most devoted to comparing prices for new books, and these can be found on my Bookhound Page here. The main drawback to such meta-meta search engines is that the searches take more time than those of mere meta-search engines.

Of course, it is important to be careful when ordering anything online, and I can't vouch for any bookstores you might contact through my links. I can say that I have ordered scores of books over the past several years using these resources and have been fortunate enough to never have had any sort of problem. Another thing to be careful about is shipping and handling charges, which vary considerably from store to store. You can sometimes save money by paying more for the book and less for S&H.

Happy Hunting!


8. Links To 1247 Online Papers In Contemporary Analytic Epistemology + Epistemologist's Home Pages

"B" indicates that the site includes an extensive bibliography of the author's works.
"PB" indicates a partial bibliography.

Aikin, Scott.

Alspector-Kelly, Marc.

"Should the Empiricist Be a Constructive Empiricist?"

"The NOAer's Dilemma: Constructive Empiricism and the Natural Ontological Attitude"

"Seeing the Unobservable: van Fraassen and the Limits of Experience"

"Constructive Empiricism and Epistemic Modesty"

"Knowledge Externalism"

"Pretending to See"

"Empiricism Naturalized"

Alston, William.

"Sellars and the Myth of the Given" (1998)

"The Experiential Basis of Theism"

"The Deontological Conception of Epistemic Justification"

"Perception and Conception"

Antony, Louise.

Audi, Robert. 

Aune, Bruce.

"Against Moderate Rationalism" (pdf)
"Does Knowledge Have An Indubitable Foundation?" - from the book Knowledge, Mind and Nature

An Empiricist Theory of Knowledge

Axtell, Guy.

Ayer, A. J.
Language, Truth and Logic

Bach, Kent.
"Knowledge In And Out Of Context"

"Accidental Truth and Would-Be Knowledge"

"An Analysis of Self-Deception"  (pdf)

"Knowledge, Wine and Taste"

"The Emporer's New 'Knows'"

"A Rationale For Reliabilism"

"Applying Pragmatics to Epistemology"

"Perspectives on Possibilities: Contextualism, Relativism or What?"

Bates, Jared.
"The Old Problem of Induction and the New Reflective Equilibrium"

"Reflective Equilibrium and Underdetermination in Epistemology"

Battaly, Heather.
"What Is Virtue Epistemology?"
Bayer, Ben.
"A Role for Abstractionism in a Direct Realist Foundationalism"
"Quine's Acquiesence in Skepticism"

"How Not To Refute Quine"

"How We Choose Our Beliefs"

"Nested Testimony, Nested Probability and a Defense of Testimonial Reductionism"

"Internalism Empowered"

"The Elusiveness of Doxastic Compatibilism"

Bealer, George.
"Origins of Modal Error"

"Modal Epistemology and the Rationalist Renaissance"

"Theory of the A Priori"

"The Incoherence of Empiricism"

"A Priori Knowledge and the Scope of Philosophy"

"Philosophical Limits of Scientific Essentialism"

"On the Possibility of Philosophical Knowledge"

"A Priori Knowledge: Replies to Lycan and Sosa"

Beebe, James R.
"Social Functions of Knowledge Attributions"

"Experimental Epistemology"

"A Priori Skepticism"

"The Epistemic Side-Effect Effect"

"Constraints on Skeptical Hypotheses"

"The Abductivist Reply to Skepticism"

"Can Rationalist Abductivism Solve the Problem of Induction?"

"BonJour's Abductivist Reply to Skepticism"

Bender, John (PB)

Bennett, Jonathan.

"A Myth About Logical Necessity"

"Why Is Belief Involuntary?
Bergmann, Gustav.
"Synthetic A Priori" (selection from Logic and Reality, 1967)
Bergmann, Michael.

"Epistemic Circularity: Malignant and Benign"

"Bonjour's Dilemma"
"What's NOT Wrong With Foundationalism"

"A Dilemma For Internalism"

"Review of Richard Swinburne's Epistemic Justification"

"Is Klein An Infinitist About Doxastic Justification?"

"Epistemic Circularity and Common Sense: A Reply to Reed"

"Reidian Externalism"

Bermudez, Jose Luis.

"Nonconceptual Content and the Nature of Perceptual Experience" (with Fiona MacPherson)

Bernecker, Sven.

Bickhard, Mark.
"Critical Principles; On the Negative Side Of Rationality"
Bird, Alexander.
"Philosophy of Science and Epistemology"

"Inductive Knowledge"

"Social Knowing"

"The Epistemology of Science: A Bird's Eye View"

"A Posteriori Knowledge of Natural Kind Essences: A Defence"

"Remarks on Our Knowledge of Modal Facts"

"Inference to the Only Explanation"

"Justified Judging"

"Abductive Knowledge and Holmsian Inference"

"Is Evidence Non-Inferential?"

"Nozick's Fourth Condition"

"Scepticism and Contrast Classes"

"Rationality and the Structure of Self-Deception"

"Evidence and Inference"
Bishop, Michael.
"Why the generality problem is everybody's problem"

"Reflections on Cognitive and Epistemic Diversity: Does a Stich in Time Save Quine?"

"The Autonomy of Social Epistemology"

"The Pathologies of Standard Analytic Epistemology"

"In Praise of Epistemic Irresponsibility: How Lazy and Ignorant Can You Be?"

"Why Thought Experiments are Not Arguments"

"Theory-Ladenness of Perception Arguments"

Black, Tim.
"What we can learn from the skeptical puzzle"

"A warranted-assertability defense of a moorean response to skepticism"

"Solving the problem of easy knowledge"

"Defending A Sensitive Neo-Moorean Invariantism"

"In Defense of Sensitivity"

"Avoiding the Dogmatic Committments of Contextualism"

"Classic Invariantism, Relevance and Warranted Assertability Manoeuvers"

"Contextualism In Epistemology"

"A Moorean Response to Brain-In-A-Vat Skepticism"
Blome-Tillmann, Michael.
"Knowledge and Presuppositions"

"Contextualism, Safety and Epistemic Relevance"

"Epistemic Contextualism"

"The Indexicality of 'Knowledge'

"The Folly of Trying to Define Knowledge"

"Contextualism and the Epistemological Enterprise"

"A Closer Look at Closure Skepticism"

Boghossian, Paul.

"Blind Reasoning"

"Epistemic Analyticity: A Defense"

"How Are Objective Epistemic Reasons Possible?"

"What The Externalist Can Know A Priori"

"Analyticity Reconsidered"

BonJour, Laurence (B).

"Knowledge, Justification and Truth: A Sellarsarian Approach to Epistemology" (1969 - Ph. D. dissertation)

selection on foundationalism from The Structure of Empirical Knowledge

"Against Naturalized Epistemology"

Booth, Anthony R.

"Doxastic Voluntarism and Self-Deception"

Bostrom, Nick.

"What We Should Say To The Skeptic"
Bradie, Michael.
"Normalizing Naturalized Epistemology"
Brandom, Robert.
"Pragmatism, Inferentialism and Modality in Sellars' Arguments Against Empiricism"
Brewer, Bill.
"Mental Causation: Compulsion by Reason"

"Experience and Reason in Perception"

"Externalism and A Priori Knowledge of Empirical Facts"

"Precis of Perception and Reason & Response to Commentator"

"Review of Michael Tye's Consciousness, Color and Content"

"Stroud's Quest for Reality"

"Self-Knowledge and Externalism"

"Realism and the Nature of Perceptual Experience"

"Perceptual Experience Has Conceptual Content"

"Perception and Content"

"How to Account for Illusion"

Broad, C. D.
"Are There Synthetic-A Priori Truths?"

"Sense-Perception and Matter"
Brogaard, Berit.
"The Trivial Argument for Epistemic Value Pluralism, Or How I Learned to Stop Caring About Truths"

"Knowability and a Modal Closure Principle"

"Knowability, Possibility and Paradox"

"Can Virtue Reliabilism Explain  the Value of Knowledge?"

"Contextualism, Skepticism and the Gettier Problem"

"Epistemological Contextualism and the Problem of Moral Luck"

Broome, John.
"Normative Requirements"

"Practical Reasoning"

"Does Rationality Consist in Responding Correctly to Reasons?"

Brown, Curtis.

"Direct and Indirect Belief"
Brown, Harold I.
"Judgment and Reason: Responses to Healy and Reiner and Beyond"
"Epistemic Concepts: A Naturalistic Approach"
Brown, Jessica.
"The Knowledge Norm for Assertion"

"Subject-Sensitive Invariantism and the Knowledge Norm for Practical Reasoning"

"Knowledge and Practical Reason"

"Doubt, Circularity and the Moorean Response to the Sceptic"

"Comparing Contextualism and Invariantism"

"Adapt or Die: The Death of Invariantism?"

"Williamson on Luminosity and Contextualism"

"The Incompatibility of Anti-Individualism and Privileged Access"
Bueno, Otavio.
"Just What Is Vagueness?"

"Logical and Mathematical Knowledge"

"Is the Pyrrhonist an Internalist?"

"Is Logic A Priori?"

"Sosa on Skepticism"

"Relativism and Skepticism"

"The Simple Liar Without Bivalence?"

"Davidson on Skepticism: How Not To Respond To The Skeptic"

Butchvarov, Panayot (B)

"Epistemology Dehumanized"

"The Untruth and the Truth of Skepticism"

Byrne, Alex.

"Knowing that I am Thinking"

"Experience and Content"

"Basic Sensible Qualities and the Structure of Appearance"

"Introduction to Disjunctivism"



"Knowing Our Minds"

"Perception and Conceptual Content"

"How Hard are the Skeptical Paradoxes?"

"Color and Similarity"

"Tye on Color and the Explanatory Gap"

"Colors and Reflectances"

"Spin Control: Comment on John McDowell's Mind and World"

Byrne, Darragh.

"Three Notions of Tacit Knowledge"

"Casullo on A Priori Justification"

"The Contents of Phenomenal Concepts"

Carnap, Rudolf.

"Empiricism, Semantics and Ontology"
Cassam, Quassim.
"The Possibility of Knowledge"

"Ways of Knowing"

"Can the Concept of Knowledge Be Analyzed?"

"What Is Knowledge?"

"Precis of The Possibility of Knowledge"

"Forward to P. F. Strawson's Scepticism and Naturalism"

"Knowledge, Perception and Analysis"

"The Basis of Self-Knowledge"

"Knowing and Seeing: Responding to Stroud's Dilemma"

"The Possibility of Knowledge: Reply to Dennis Buelher and others"

"Tackling Berkeley's Puzzle"

Casullo, Albert (B).
"Epistemic Overdetermination and A Priori Justification"

"A Priori Knowledge"

"Defeasible A Priori Justification"

"Testimony and A Priori Knowledge"

"What Is Entitlement?"

"Analyzing A Priori Knowledge"

Chalmers, David J.
"The Content and Epistemology of Phenomenal Belief"

"The Nature of Epistemic Space"

"Does Conceivability Entail Possibility?"

"Perception and the Fall From Eden" 

Chandler, Jake.
"The Lottery Paradox Generalized?"

Chignell, Andrew.
"Accidentally True Belief and Warrant"

Chrisman, Matthew.

"The Normative Evaluation of Belief and the Aspectual Classification of Belief and Knowledge Attributions"

"Expressivism, Truth and Self-Knowledge"

"Ought to Believe"

"From Epistemic Contextualism to Epistemic Expressivism"

Review of William P. Alston's Beyond Justification

Christensen, David.

"Higher-Order Evidence"

"Disagreement as Evidence: The Epistemology of Controversy"

"Disagreement, Question-Begging and Epistemic Self-Criticism"

"Epistemic Self-Respect"

"Does Murphy's Law Apply in Epistemology? Self-Doubt and Rational Ideals"

"Epistemology of Disagreement: The Good News"

"Three Questions About Leplin's Reliabilism"

"Diachronic Coherence vs. Epistemic Impartiality"

"Testimony, Memory and the Limits of the A Priori"

Chrucky, Andrew.

"The Alleged Fallacy of the Sense-Datum Inference"

"Critique of Wilfrid Sellars' Materialism (Ph. D. Dissertation)

Clark, Romane.
"The Sensuous Content of Perception"
Clifford, William K.
"The Ethics of Belief"
Coffman, E J.
"Defending Klein on Closure and Skepticism"

"Three Arguments Against Foundationalism"

"Thinking About Luck"

"Warrant Without Truth?"

"Lenient Accounts of Warranted Assertability"

"Knowledge First?"

Cohen, Jonathen.
"Analyticity and Katz's New Intensionalism: or, If You Sever Sense From Reference, Analyticity is Cheap But Useless"

"A Guided Tour of Color"

"The Grand Illusion Illusion"

"On the Structural Properties of Colors"

"Critical Study of Stroud's The Quest For Reality"

"Color: A Functionalist Proposal"

"Williamson on Knowledge and Psychological Explanation"

"On the Epistemic Value of Photographs"

"Objects, Places and Perception"

"Color Properties and Color Ascriptions: A Relationalist Manifesto"

"Color and Perceptual Variation Revisited: Unknown Facts, Alien Modalities and Perfect Psychosemantics"

"True Colors"

"Color, Variation and the Appeal to Essences: Impasse and Resolution"

"The Truth About 'The Truth About True Blue'"

"Colors, Functions, Realizers and Roles"

"A Relationalist's Guide to Color Perception"

"Color Constancy as Counterfactual"

"Color Relationalism and Color Phenomenology"

Cohen, Stewart.
"Basic Knowledge and the Problem of Easy Knowledge"

"Luminosity, Reliability and the Sorites"

"Knowledge as Aptness"

"Bootstrapping, Defeasible Reasoning and A Priori Reasoning"

Colyvan, Mark.
"Vagueness and Truth"

"Naturalizing Normativity"

"Mathematical Recreation vs. Mathematical Knowledge"

"Right Decisions or Happy Decision-Makers?"

Comesena, Juan.
"What Lottery Problem for Reliabilism?"

"Evidentialist Reliabilism"

"Is Evidence Knowledge?"

"A Well-Founded Solution to the Generality Problem"

"We Are (Almost) All Externalists Now"

"Justified vs. Warranted Perceptual belief: Resisting Disjunctivism"

"Unsafe Knowledge"

"The Diagonal and the Demon"

Conee, Earl.
"The Opacity of Self-Evidence"

"Opposing Skepticism Disjunctively"
Cruz, Joseph.
(the following are in pdf - scroll down on his page for the link:)

"Is There Reason For Skepticism?"

"Epistemic Norms and the Sellarsian Dilemma for Foundationalism"

"The Chimerical Appeal of Epistemic Externalism"

Dancy, Jonathan (B)

Darwish, Bahaa.

"Two Points Against Naturalized Epistemology"
David, Marian.
"Two Conceptions of the Synthetic A Priori"

"Analyticity, Carnap, Quine and Truth"

Davies, Martin.
"Two Purposes of Arguing and Two Epistemic Projects"

"Epistemic Entitlement, Warrant Transmission and Easy Knowledge"

"Aunty's Argument and Armchair Knowledge"

"Armchair Knowledge, Begging the Question and Epistemic Warrant"

"The Problem of Armchair Knowledge"

"Externalism, Self-Knowledge and Transmission of Warrant"

"Externalism and Armchair Knowledge"

"Externalism, Architecturalism and Epistemic Warrant"

Dennett, Daniel.
"Seeing Is Believing - Or Is It?"

DePaul, Michael.

"Review of Jonathan Kvanvig's The Value of Knowledge and the Pursuit of Understanding"

DeRose, Keith (B).

"Responding to Skepticism"

"Are Christian Beliefs Properly Basic?"

"How Can We Know That We're Not Brains In Vats?"

"Voodoo Epistemology"

"Descartes, Epistemic Principles, Epistemic Circularity, and Scientia"

"Now You Know It, Now You Don't"

"Can It Be That It Would Have Been Even Though It Might Not Have Been?

"Sosa, Safety, Sensitivity and Skeptical Hypotheses"

"Assertion, Knowledge and Context"

"The Ordinary Language Basis for Contextualism and the New Invariantism"

"Direct Warrant Realism"

"The Problem with Subject-Sensitive Invariantism"

"Ought We To Follow Our Evidence?"

"Contextualism: An Explanation and Defense"

"Knowledge, Assertion and Lotteries"

"Bamboozled By Our Own Words: Semantic Blindness and some Arguments Against Contextualism"

"Externalism and Skepticism"

Devitt, Michael.

"There Is No A Priori"

"Reply to BonJour"

"Naturalism and the A Priori"

"No Place for the A Priori"

DeVries, Willem.

"Burgeoning Skepticism"

"McDowell, Sellars and Sense Impressions"

Dorr, Cian.

Dougherty, Trent.

"Fallibilism, Epistemic Possibility and Concessive Knowledge Attributions"

"Knowledge and Context-Sensitive Norms: A Defense of Simple Moderate Invariantism"

"Epistemological Considerations Concerning Skeptical Theism"

Review of Ernest Sosa and Laurence BonJour, Epistemic Justification

Review of Richard Swinburne, Epistemic Justification

Dretske, Fred.

"The Mind's Awareness of Itself"
Dummett, Michael.
"Victor's Error"
Eagle, Anthony.

Ebbs, Gary.
"Why Skepticism About Self-Knowledge is Self-Undermining"

"A Puzzle About Doubt"

"Learning From Others"

Echelberger, Charles.
"Sellars on Thinking and the Myth of the Given"

"An Alleged Legend" - about the Myth of the Given.

Elgin, Catherine.

"True Enough"

Evnine, Simon.

"The Universality of Logic: On the Connection Between Rationality and Logical Ability"

"Learning From One's Mistakes: Epistemic Modesty and the Nature of Belief"

"Epistemic Unities"

"Personhood and Future Belief: Two New Arguments For Reflection"

"Every Proposition Asserts Itself ot be True: A Buridanian Solution to the Liar Paradox?"

"Old Evidence Again"

Fallis, Don.

"Goldman on Probabilistic Inference"

"Epistemic Value Theory and Social Epistemology"

Fara, Delia Graff.

"Phenomenal Continua and the Sorites"

"Shifting Sands: An Interest-Relative Account of Vagueness"

"Gap Principles, Penumbral Consequence, and Infinitely Higher-Order Vagueness"

"An Anti-Epistemicist Consequence of Margin for Error Semantics for Knowledge"

Fara, Michael.

"The Paradox of Believability"

"How Moore Beat the Skeptic"

Farkas, Katalin.

"Indiscriminability and the Sameness of Appearance"

Feldman, Richard (B).

"Internalism Defended" - co-authored with Earl Conee

Clifford's Principle and James's Options"

"We Are All Naturalists Now"

"Critical Study of John Hawthorne's Knowledge and Lotteries"

Fernandez, Jordi.
"Thought Insertion and Self-Knowledge"


"Memory, Past and Self"

"Desire and Self-Knowledge"

"Memory and Perception: Remembering Snowflake"

"The Intentionality of Memory"

"Self-Knowledge, Rationality and Moore's Paradox"

"Priviliged Access Revisited"

"Externalism and Self-Knowledge: A Puzzle in Two Dimensions"

"Priviliged Access Naturalized"

Field, Hartry.
"Is The Liar Sentence Both True and False?" 

"The Semantic Paradoxes and the Paradoxes of Vagueness"

"Recent Debates About the A Priori"

"Solving the Paradoxes, Escaping Revenge"

"This Magic Moment: Horwich on the Boundaries of Vague Terms"

"Epistemology Without Metaphysics"

Firth, Roderick.
"Coherence, Certainty and Epistemic Priority" (1964)

"Sellars-Firth Correspondence" (1974)

"Sense Data and the Percept Theory" (1950)

Fitelson, Branden.
"Pollock on Probability and Epistemology"

"Goodman's New Riddle"

"Inductive Logic"

Flew, Antony.
"The Presumption of Atheism"
Floridi, Luciano.  

Fogelin, Robert J.

Foley, Richard (PB)

"An Epistemology that Matters"

"Belief, Degrees of Belief and the Lockean Thesis"

"Universal Intellectual Trust"

"A Trial Separation Between the Theory of Knowledge and the Theory of Justification"

"Roderick M. Chisholm"

"Justified Belief as Responsible Belief"

"Conceptual Diversity in Epistemology"

"Epistemic Rationality as Invulnerability to Self-Criticism"

"Review of Timothy Williamson's Knowledge and its Limits"

"Three Attempts to Refute Skepticism and Why They Fail"

"What Am I to Believe?"

"What Must Be Added to True Belief to Have Knowledge? Answer: More True Beliefs"

Frances, Bryan.

"Philosophy Sabotages Knowledge"

"An Utterly Brilliant Yet Failed Solution to the Liar Paradox"

"The Reflective Epistemic Renegade"

"Live Skeptical Hypotheses"

"When a Skeptical Hypothesis is Live"

"Contradictory Belief and Epistemic Closure Principles"

Franceschi, Paul.

"A Solution to Goodman's Paradox"

"A Dichotomic Analysis of the Surprise Examination Paradox"

"The Doomsday Argument and Hempel's Problem"

"On the Circularity of the Sorites Paradox"

Freeman, James B.

"Aristotelian Intuition, Basic Beliefs and Naturalistic Epistemology"

Fricker, Elizabeth.

"Knowledge from Trust in Testimony is Second-Hand Knowledge"

"The Value of Knowledge and the Test of Time"

Fumerton, Richard.

"Direct Realism"

"Skepticism and Naturalistic Epistemology"

"Evidentialism and Truth"

"You Can't Trust a Philosopher"

"Markie, Speckles and Classical Foundationalism"

"Luminous Enough for a Cognitive Home"

"The Problem of the Criterion"

"Direct Realism, Introspection, and Cognitive Science"

"The Epistemic Role of Testimony: Internalist and Externalist Perspectives"

"Epistemic Internalism, Philosophical Assurance and the Skeptical Predicament"

"Epistemic Probability"

"Achieving Epistemic Ascent"

"Epistemic Justification and Normativity"

Gale, Richard.

"Why Alston's Mystical Doxastic Practice Is Subjective"
Gellman, Jerome.
"A New Gettier-Type Refutation of Nozick's Analysis of Knowledge"
George, Alexander.
"A Proof of Induction?"
Gertler, Brie.
"Self-Knowledge and the Transparency of Belief"


"Content Externalism and the Epistemic Conception of the Self"

"We can't know a priori that H2O exists. But can we know that water does?"

"Introduction to Privileged Access: Philosophical Accounts of Self-Knowledge"

"The Mechanics of Self-Knowledge"

"Introspecting Phenomenal States"

Gettier, Edmund.
"Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?" (1963)
Gibbons, John.
"Seeing What You're Doing"

"Externalism and Knowledge of the Attitudes"

"Externalism and Knowledge of Content"

"Qualia: They're Not What They Seem"

"Things That Make Things Reasonable"
Gillies, Anthony.
"CIA Leaks"

"An Opinionated Guide to Epistemic Modality"

"What Might Be The Case After a Change in View"

"Epistemic Conditionals and Conditional Epistemics"

"New Foundations for Epistemic Change"

Ginet, Carl. (PB) 

Ginsborg, Hannah.
"Empirical Concepts and the Content of Experience"

"Reasons for Belief"

Godfrey-Smith, Peter.

"Goodman's Problem and Scientific Methodology"

Goldberg, Sanford.
"Brown on Self-Knowledge and Discrimination"

"Anti-Individualism, Content Preservation and Discursive Justification"

"Testimonial Knowledge from Unsafe Testimony"

"How Lucky Can You Get?"

"Monitoring Anti-Reductionism in the Epistemology of Testimony"

"Anti-Individualism, Conceptual Omniscience and Skepticism"

"On Our Alleged A Priori Knowledge that Water Exists"

"Testimonially Based Knowledge from False Testimony"

"Externalism, Self-Knowledge and Content: A New Incompatibilist Strategy"

"The Psychology and Epistemology of Self-Knowledge"

"The Relevance of Discriminatory Knowledge of Content"

"Self-Knowledge, Self-Ascription and the Memory Argument"

Goldman, Alan.

Goldman, Alvin.

"Education and Social Epistemology"
Philips, D. C. (Commentary on Goldman)

"Internalism, Externalism and the Architecture of Justification"

"Toward a Synthesis of Reliabilism and Evidentialism?

"Why Social Epistemology is Real Epistemology"

"Systems Oriented Social Epistemology"

"Reliabilism and the Value of Knowledge"

"Williamson on Knowledge and Evidence"

"Immediate Justification and Process Reliabilism"

"Epistemic Relativism and Reasonable Disagreement"

"The Social Epistemology of Blogging"

"Social Epitemology: Theory and Applications"

"Philosophical Intuitions: Their Target, Their Source and their Epistemic Status"

Graham, Peter.
"Testimonial Entitlement and the Function of Comprehension"

"The Theoretical Diagnosis of Skepticism"

"Can Testimony Generate Knowledge?"

"Liberal Fundamentalism and Its Rivals"

"Testimonial Justification: Inferential or Non-Inferential?"

"Metaphysical Libertarianism and the Epistemology of Testimony"

"Transferring Knowledge"

"The Reliability of Testimony"

"Conveying Information"

"What Is Testimony?"

Grayling, A. C.
"Scepticism and Justification"

"Wittgenstein on Scepticism and Certainty"
Greco, John (B).

Virtue, Luck and the Pyrrhonian Problematic

Worries about Pritchard's Safety

Justification is Not Internal

Motivations for Sosa's Epistemology

How to Preserve Your Virtue while Losing Your Perspective

Knowledge as Credit for True Belief

Virtues in Epistemology

How to Reid Moore

Virtues and Rules in Epistemology

Chapter One of Putting Skeptics in Their Place

Agent Reliabilism

Catholics Vs. Calvinists on Religious Knowledge

Modern Ontology and the Problems of Epistemology

"What's Wrong With Contextualism?"

"The Nature of Ability and the Purpose of Knowledge"

Greenough, Patrick.
"Vagueness and Non-Indexical Contextualism"

"Hold the Context Fixed, Vagueness Still Remains"

"Free Assumptions and the Liar Paradox"
Gregory, Paul A.
"Putting the Bite Back Into Two Dogmas"

Grice, H. P.

"The Causal Theory of Perception"

"In Defense of a Dogma" (w/Strawson)

Grimm, Robert H.

"A Note on "Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind"
Grimm, Stephen.
"Epistemic Normativity"

"Epistemic Goals and Epistemic Values"

Review of Jonathan Kvanvig's The Value of Knowledge and the Pursuit of Understanding"

"Is Understanding a Species of Knowledge?"
Haack, Susan (B)

Hales, Steven D.
"Epistemic Closure Principles"

"Certainty and Phenomenal States"

"Self-Deception and Belief Attribution"

"The Problem of Intuition"

"Intuition, Revelation and Relativism"

"You Can Prove A Negative"

Hardwig, John.

"The Role Of Trust In Knowledge"

"Epistemic Dependence"

"Evidence, Testimony, and the Problem of Individualism - a Reply to Schmitt"

Harman, Gilbert.
"Response to Hawthorne"

"Statistical Learning Theory as a Framework for the Philosophy of Induction"

"Epistemology as Methodology"

"Correspondence Between Wilfred Sellars and Gilbert Harman on Truth" (1970)

"Epistemic Contextualism as a Theory of Direct Speaker Meaning"

"The Problem of Induction"

"Category Mistakes in M & E"

"Reflection on Knowledge and its Limits"

"The Future of the A Priori"

"Inductive Simplicity and the Matrix"

"Skepticism and Foundations"

"Review of Robert Audi The Architecture of Reason"

Haslanger, Sally.

"'But Mom You're Just Wrong. Crop Tops are Cute!' And Other Epistemic Challenges"

"What Knowledge Is and What It Ought to Be"

Hawley, Catherine.

"Testimony and Knowing How"

"Vagueness and Existence"

"Success and Knowledge How"

Hawthorne, John.

"Externalism and A Priority"

"Knowledge and Objective Chance"

"The Many Minds Approach to Vagueness"

"Knowledge and Action"

Hazlett, Allan.

Healy, Paul.

"Rationality, Judgment and Critical Inquiry"
"Rationality, Judgment and Rule-Following: A Reply To Reiner"
Hempel, Carl.
"Problems and Changes in the Empiricist Criterion of Meaning." (1950)
Henderson, David.
"Epistemic Virtues and Cognitive Dispositions"

"Motivated Contextualism"

"Would You Really Rather Be Lucky Than Good?"

"Testimonial Belief and Epistemic Competence"

"Practicing Safe Epistemology" (w/ Terence Horgan)

"Iceberg Epistemology" (w/Terence Horgan)

"Epistemic Competence and Contextualist Epistemology"

"Epistemic Competence"

Hetherington, Stephen.
"Shattering A Cartesian Sceptical Dream"
Hilbert, David.
"Basic Sensible Qualities and the Structure of Appearance"

"Color Constancy and the Complexity of Color"

"Hallucination, Sense-data and Direct Realism"

"Hardin, Tye and Color Physicalism"

"Color and the Inverted Spectrum"

"Is Seeing Believing?"

"What Is Color Vision?"

"Why Have Experiences"

"Content, Intention and Explanation"

Hill, Christopher.
"Visual Awareness and Visual Qualia"

"Hawthorne's Lottery Puzzle and the Nature of Belief"

"Goldman on Introspection"

Hobson, Kenneth.
"Foundational Beliefs and the Structure of Justification"

"In defense of direct rational realism"

"A noncausal theory of perception"

Hookway, Christopher.

Horgan, Terence. 

"Facing Up to the Sorites Paradox"

"The Two-Envelope Paradox and the Foundations of Rational Decision Theory"

"The A Priori Isn't All That It Is Cracked Up To Be, But It Is Something"   (w/ David Henderson)

"Transvaluationism: A Dionysian Approach to Vagueness"

"The Transvaluationist Conception of Vagueness"

Hossack, Keith.

Howard-Snyder, Daniel.
"Bonjour's Basic Anti-foundationalist Argument"

"An 'Unintelligbile Idea': Donald Davidson's Case Against Experiential Foundationalism"

"Infallibilism and Gettier's Legacy"

"Keith Lehrer's Case Against Foundationalism"

"Foundationalism and Arbitrariness"

"On a Fatal Dilemma for Moderate Foundationalism"

"Three Arguments Against Foundationalism: Arbitrariness, Epistemic Regress and Existential Support"

Howell, Robert J.
"Immunity to Error and Subjectivity"

"Self-Knowledge and Self-Reference"

"A Puzzle for Pragmatism"

"Sensations, Swatches and Speckled Hens"
Hoy, Ronald C.
"The Given and the Self-Presenting" (1985)
Huber, Herbert. (site includes some reviews of epistemology books, in German)

Huemer, Michael.

"Probability and Coherence Justification"

"The Problem of Defeasible Justification"

"Confirmation Theory: A Metaphysical Approach"

"The Problem of Memory Knowledge"

"A Direct Realist Account of Perceptual Awareness" (Ph.D. dissertation)

excerpts from Skepticism and the Veil of Perception

"Explanation and Inductive Logic"

Ichikawa, Jonathan.

"Quantifiers, Knowledge and Counterfactuals"

"Quantifiers and Epistemic Contextualism"

"Knowing the Intuition and Knowing the Counterfactual"


"Thought Experiment Intuitions and Truth in Fiction"

"Scepticism and the Imagination Model of Dreaming"

"Sosa on Virtues, Perception and Intuition"

Jackman, Henry.

"Davidson, Skepticism and the Pragmatics of Justification"

"Deference and Self-Knowledge"

"Prudential Arguments, Naturalized Epistemology and The Will To Believe"

"Ordinary Language, Conventionalism and A Priori Knowledge"

"Belief, Rationality and Psychophysical Laws"

"Semantic Pragmatism and A Priori Knowledge" (pdf format)

"Foundationalism, Coherentism and Rule-Following Skepticism"

"Semantic Intuitions, Conceptual Analysis and Cross-Cultural Variations"

Jager, Christoph.
"Is Coherentism Coherent?"

"Warrant, Defeaters and the Epistemic Basis for Religious Belief"

"Skepticism, Information and Closure"

"Epistemic Deontology, Doxastic Involuntarism and the Principle of Alternate Possibilities"

"Religious Experience and Epistemic Justification: Alston on the Reliability of 'Mystical Perception'"

Jenkins, Carrie.
"Boghossian and Epistemic Analyticity"

"Liar-Like Paradox and Object-Language Features"

"Epistemic Norms and Natural Facts"

"Knowledge and Explanation"

Johnson, Jeff.
"Knowing and Saying We Know"
Jones, Ward.

Katz, Jerrold.
"Analyticity, Necessity and the Epistemology of Semantics"
Kaye, Lawrence.
"How To Avoid Holism and Draw the Analytic/Synthetic Distinction"
Keefe, Rosanna.

Kelly, Sean D.

"What Makes Perceptual Content Non-Conceptual?"

Kelly, Thomas.

"Peer Disagreement and Higher-Order Evidence"

"Disagreement, Dogmatism and Belief Polarization"

"The Epistemic Significance of Disagreement"

"Moorean Facts and Belief Revision, or Can the Skeptic Win?"

"The Rationality of Belief and Some Other Propositional Attitudes"

"Epistemic Rationality and Instrumental Rationality: A Critique"

"Sunk Costs, Rationality and Acting for the Sake of the Past"

"The Cost of Skepticism: Who Pays?"

"Evidence and Normativity: Reply to Leite"

Kind, Amy.

"Panexperientialism, Cognition and the Nature of Experience"

"Restrictions on Representationalism"

"What's So Transparent About Transparency"

"Qualia Realism"

"Shoemaker, Self-Blindness and Moore's Paradox"

King, Jeffrey C.

"What Is A Philosophical Analysis?"

Klein, Peter.

"Human Knowledge and the Infinite Regress of Reasons"

Kochiras, Hylarie.

"Belief Contexts and Epistemic Possibility"

Koons, Jeremy.

"Conservatism, Basic Beliefs and the Diachronic and Social Nature of Epistemic Justification"

"Sellars, Givenness and Epistemic Priority"

"An Argument Against Reductionism in Morality and Epistemology"

"Disenchanting the World: McDowell, Sellars and Rational Constraint by Perception"

"Consensus and Excellence of Reasons"

Korcz, Keith (B).

"Recent Work On The Basing Relation"
Kornblith, Hilary.
"What Reflective Endorsement Cannot Do"

"What Is Naturalistic Epistemology?"
Kriegel, Uriah.
"Self-Representationalism and Phenomenology"

"Phenomenal Epistemology: What Is Consciousness That We May Know It So Well?"

Kvanvig, Jonathan (B)

"Norms of Assertion"

"Sosa on Virtue Epistemology"

"Virtue Epistemology"

"The Rational Significance of Reflective Ascent"

"The Value of Knowledge and Truth"

"The Swamping Problem Redux"

"Restriction Strategies for Knowability: Lessons in False Hope"

"The Value of Understanding"

Precis of The Value of Knowledge and the Pursuit of Understanding

"Assertion, Knowledge and Lotteries"

"Five Questions About Epistemology"

"Critical Notice of Pritchard's Epistemic Luck"

"Contrastivism and Closure"

"Closure and Alternative Possibilities"

"Contextualism, Contrastivism, Relevant Alternatives and Closure"

"Two Approaches to Epistemic Defeat"

"Epistemic Closure Principles"

"Truth and the Epistemic Goal"

"On Denying A Presupposition of Sellars Problem: A Defense of Propositionalism"

"Nozickian Epistemology and the Value of Knowledge" (pdf)

"Nozickian Epistemology and the Question of Closure" (pdf)

"Scientific Naturalism and the Value of Knowledge"

"Justification and Proper Basing"

"Simple Reliabilism and Agent Reliabilism"

"Propositionalism and the Perspectival Character of Justification"

"Externalism and Epistemology Worth Doing"

"Zagzebski on Justification"

"Tennant on Knowability"

"Why Should Inquiring Minds Want To Know?"

"The Epistemic Paradoxes"

"In Defense of Coherentism"

"The Knowability Paradox and the Prospects for Antirealism"

"Plantinga's Proper Function Theory of Warrant"

"Coherentist's Distractions"

"Coherentism: Misconstrual and Misapprehension"

"Subjective Justification"

"A Critique of Van Fraassen's Voluntaristic Epistemology"

"Alston on Perceiving God"

"Can A Coherence Theory Appeal to Appearance States?"

"The Basic Notion of Justification"

"On Lemke's Defense of a Causal Basing Requirement"

"The Confusion Over Foundationalism"

"How to be a Reliabilist"

"Swain on the Basing Relation"

"Is There an 'Us' in 'Justification'?"

"What Is Wrong With Minimal Foundationalism?"

Lackey, Jennifer.

"Assertion and Isolated Second-Hand Knowledge"

"Testimonial Knowledge"

"Testimony: Acquiring Knowledge from Others"

"What Should We Do When We Disagree?"

"A Justificationist's View of Disagreement's Epistemic Significance"

Lafont, Christina.

"Truth, Knowledge and Reality"

Lammenronta, Markus.

"Circularity and Stability"
Lange, Marc.
"Would Direct Realism Resolve the Classical Problem of Induction?"
Larkin, William S.
"Content Skepticism"

"A Broad Perceptual Model of Introspective Judgments"

"Assertion, Knowledge and Invariant Standards"

Lehrer, Keith.

Leite, Adam.

"Taking Skepticism Seriously"

"Dreams and Skepticism: What Austin Saw and Moore Missed"

"Immediate Warrant, Epistemic Responsibility and Moorean Dogmatism"

"Believing One's Reasons Are Good"

"On Justifying and Being Justified"

"Epistemological Externalism and the Project of Traditional Epistemology"

"A Localist Solution to the Regress of Epistemic Justification"

"Is Fallibility an Epistemological Shortcoming?"

"Some Worries for Would Be WAMmers"

"Skepticism, Closure, and Sensitivity, or Why the Closure Principle is Irrelevant to Skepticism"

"On Williamson's Arguments that Knowledge is a Mental State"

"How to Link Assertion and Knowledge Without Going Contextualist: A reply to DeRose’s 'Assertion, Knowledge, and Context'"

"Critical Review of Duncan Pritchard's Epistemic Luck"

"Epistemic Instrumentalism and Reasons for Belief: a reply to Tom Kelly’s 'Epistemic Rationality As Instrumental Rationality: A Critique' "


"What the Basing Relation can Teach us about Epistemic Justification"
Lewis, C. I.
Chapter Two from Mind and the World Order (1941)

"The Given Element in Empirical Knowledge"

Lihoreau, Franck.

"Relevant Alternatives Contextualism and Ordinary Contingent Knowledge" (No. 24)

Ludlow, Peter.

"Contextualism and the New Linguistic Turn in Philosophy"

"Cheap Contextualism"

Ludwig, Kirk (B).
"The Epistemology of Thought Experiments: First vs. Third Person Approaches"

"Vagueness and the Sorites Paradox"

"Shape, Properties and Perception"

"First Person Knowledge and Authority"

"Are There More Than Minimal A Priori Constraints on Irrationality?

"Skepticism and Interpretation"

"Brains in a Vat, Subjectivity and the Causal Theory of Reference"

"Skepticism, Logical Independence and Epistemic Priority"

Luper, Steven.
"The Easy Argument"

"Moore's Missing Principle"

"Introduction to Essential Knowledge"

"Dretske on Knowledge Closure"

"Indiscernability Skepticism"

"Epistemic Relativism"

"Restorative Rigging and the Safe Induction Account"

"Arbitrary Reasons"

"The Knower, Inside and Out"

"Doxastic Skepticism"

"The Causal Indicator Analysis of Knowledge"

"The Reliabilist Theory of Rational Belief"

"What Skeptics Don't Know Refutes Them"

"The Epistemic Predicament: Knowledge, Nozickian Track and Skepticism"

Lycan, William (B).
"On the Gettier Problem Problem"

"Serious Metaphysics: Frank Jackson's Defense of Conceptual Analysis"

"Moore Against The Skeptics"

"Explanation and Epistemology"

"Dretske's Ways of Introspecting"

Lyons, Jack.
"Representational Analyticity"

"Perceptual Belief and Nonexperiential Looks"

"Experience, Evidence and Externalism"

Macarthur, David.

"Naturalism and Skepticism"

"Skepticism, Self-Knowledge and Responsibility"

"McDowell, Scepticism, and the ‘Veil of Perception'"

MacBain, James.

"Epistemic Analysis and the Possibility of Good Informants"

MacDonald, Cynthia.

"Mary Meets Molyneux: The Explanatory Gap and the Individuation of Phenomenal Concepts"

"Self-Knowledge and the First Person"

"Shoemaker on Self-Knowledge and Inner Sense"

"Self-Knowledge and the Inner Eye"

"Externalism and Authoritative Self-Knowledge"
MacFarlane, John.
"What Is Assertion?"

"Relativism and Knowledge Attributions"

"Fuzzy Epistemicism"

"Epistemic Modals are Assessment-Sensitive"

"The Assessment Sensitvity of Knowledge Attributions"

"Knowledge Laundering: Testimony and Sensitive Invariantism"

Maddy, Penelope.

"Naturalism and the A Priori"

Magnus, P. D.

"Williamson on Knowledge and Psychological Explanation"

Margolis, Eric.

"Should We Trust Our Intuitions? Deflationary Accounts of the Analytic Data"

"Concepts and Conceptual Analysis"

"Boghossian on Analyticity"

Martin, Mike.

"The Transparency of Experience"

"The Limits of Self-Awareness"

"Austin's Sense and Sensibilia Revisited"

"Sensible Appearances"

Matheson, David.
"Anonymity and Testimonial Warrant"
McCauley, Robert N.
"Epistemology in an Age of Cognitive Science"
McGeer, Victoria.
"Is Self-Knowledge An Empirical Problem?"
McGrath, Matthew.
"On Pragmatic Encroachment in Epistemology"

"Memory and Epistemic Conservatism"

"Evidence, Pragmatics and Justification"

"Review of John Hawthorne's Knowledge and Lotteries"
McGrew, Timothy.
"Foundationalism, Probability and Mutual Support"

"Direct Inference and the Problem of Induction"

"A Defense of Strong Foundationalism"

Chapter One of The Foundations of Knowledge

"The Connection to Truth"
McKinnon, Neil.
"Supervaluations and the Problem of the Many"

"Persistence and a New Problem of the Many"

Mele, Alfred (B)

Merricks, Trenton

Millar, Alan.

Millikan, Ruth Garrett.

"How We Make Our Ideas Clear: Empiricist Epistemology for Empirical Concepts"
Miscevic, Nenad.
"Deep and Superficial A Priori"

"Rescuing Conceptual Analysis"

"Modelling Intuitions and Thought Experiments"

"Intuitions: The Discrete Voice of Competence"

"two chapters from book on Intuitions"
Moffett, Marc.

"Know How and Concept Possession"

"Knowing Facts and Believing Propositions: A Solution to the Problem of Doxastic Shift"

Montmarquet, James.

Montminy, Martin.
"Analyticity and Translation"
Moore, G. E.
"The Nature and Reality of the Objects of Perception"

"Some Judgments of Perception"

"A Defense of Common Sense"

"Proof of an External World"

Moran, Richard.
"Getting Told and Being Believed"

"Self-Knowledge, Discovery, Resolution, Undoing"
Morlock, Vanessa.
"The Rationalist's Dilemma"
Morton, Adam (B).

"Saving epistemology from the epistemologists: recent work in the theory of knowledge"

"Contrastive Knowledge"

"Contrastivity and Indistinguishability"

"Epistemic Virtues, Metavirtues and Computational Complexity"

"If You're So Smart, Why Are You Ignorant? Epistemic Causal Paradoxes"

"Knowing What To Think About: When Epistemology Meets the Theory of Choice"

"Review of John Hawthorne's Knowledge and Lotteries"

Moser, Paul (B)

Mosser, Kurt.

"Bonjour, Kant and the A Priori" (No. 7)
Mulder, Dwayne.
"Explanation, Understanding and Subjectivity"
Murphy, Peter.
"Rewriting the A Priori/A Posteriori Distinction"

"A Strategy for Assessing Closure"

"In Defense of Sensitivity"

"Closure Failures for Safety"

"A Sceptical Rejoinder to Sensitivity Contextualism"

"Avoiding the Dogmatic Committments of Contextualism"

Nagasawa, Yujin.
"Externalism and the Memory Argument"

"Divine Omniscience and Knowledge De Se"

Nagel, Jennifer.
"Broadly Kantian Epistemology and the Problem of Mind-Independence"

"Epistemic Intuitions"

"Contemporary Skepticism and the Cartesian God"

"The Empiricist Conception of Experience"

Neta, Ram.

"S knows that p"

"Contextualism and the Problem of the External World"

"Skepticism, Contextualism, and Semantic Self-Knowledge"

"Perceptual Evidence and the New Dogmatism"

"Luminosity and the Safety of Knowledge"

"Skepticism, Abductivism and the Explanatory Gap"

"The Normative Significance of Brute Facts"

"A Contextualist Solution to the Problem of Easy Knowledge"

"Epistemology Factualized"

"Safety and Epistemic Luck"

"Contextualism and a Puzzle About Seeing"

"Propositional Justification, Evidence and the Cost of Error"

"In Defense of Epistemic Relativism"

"Fixing the Transmission: The New Mooreans"

"McDowell and the New Evil Genius"

"Anti-Intellectualism and the Knowledge-Action Principle"

"In Defense of Disjunctivism"

"What Evidence Do You Have?"

"How to Naturalize Epistemology"

"How Cheap Can You Get?"

"Undermining the Case For Contrastivism"

"Empiricism About Experience"

"Defeating the Dogma of Defeasibility"

"Liberalism and Conservatism in the Epistemology of Perceptual Belief"

"Mature Human Knowledge as Standing in the Space of Reasons"

"The Nature and Reach of Privileged Access"

"Can A Prioricity of Entitlement be Preserved by Testimony?"

"Should We Swap Internal Foundations for Virtues?"

"A Refutation of Cartesian Fallibilism"

Nickel, Philip J.

Nobis, Nathan.
"Ayer and Stevenson's Epistemological Emotivism"

"Truth in Ethics and Epistemology"

Noe, Alva.

"Experience of the World in Time"

"Against Intellectualism"

"Experience Without the Head"

"Is the Visual World a Grand Illusion?"

"Causation and Perception"

"On What We See"

"Is Perspectival Self-Consciousness Nonconceptual?"

"A Sensorimotor Account of Vision and Visual Consciousness"

"Acting Out Our Sensory Experience"

"What It Is Like to See: A Sensorimotor Theory of Perceptual Experience"

"Beyond the Grand Illusion: What Change Blindness Really Teaches Us About Vision"

"Perception, Attention and the Grand Illusion"

"Experience and the Active Mind"

"On the Brain-Basis of Visual Consciousness: A Sensorimotor Account"

"Finding Out About Filling In: A Guide to Perceptual Completion for Visual Science"

"Perceptual Completion: A Case Study in Phenomenology and Cognitive Science"

"Perception, Action and Non-Conceptual Content"

"Thought and Experience"

"Experience and Experiment in Art"

Norton, John D.
"A Little Survey of Induction"

"A Material Theory of Induction"

"Must Evidence Underdetermine Theory?"

"The Formal Equivalence of Grue and Green and How It Undoes The New Riddle of Induction"

"Inductions Without Probabilities"

Nuccetelli, Susanna
"What Anti-Individualists Cannot Know A Priori"

"What Externalists Cannot Know A Priori"
O'Brien, Lucy.
"Self-Knowledge, Agency and Force"

"Moran on Agency and Self-Knowledge"

"On Knowing One's Own Actions"

"Solipsism and Self-Reference"

Olin, Doris.
"Consistency and Epistemic Probability"

Owens, David John.

"Does Belief Have An Aim?"

"Testimony and Assertion"

"Williamson on Scepticism and Rationality"

"Epistemic Akrasia"

"Knowing One's Own Mind"

"The Authority of Memory"

Papineau, David.

"The Philosophical Significance of A Priori Knowledge"

"Phenomenal and Perceptual Concepts"

"The Evolution of Knowledge"

"Normativity and Judgment"

Pappas, George.
Parent, Ted.

"Infallibilism About Self-Knowledge"

Peacocke, Christopher.

"Three Principles of Rationalism" 

"The A Priori"

"Interrelations: Concepts, Knowledge, Reference, Structure"

"Explaining Perceptual Entitlement"

"Justification, Realism and the Past"

"Joint Attention: Its Nature, Reflexivity and Relation to Common Knowledge"

"Sensational Properties: Theses to Accept and Theses to Reject"

"Perception, Content and Rationality"

Pena, Lorenzo. (scroll down on his site for publications in Epistemology)
"The Boundary Between Scientific and Non-scientific Knowledge"

"Naturalized Epistemology and Degrees of Knowledge"
Penelhum, Terence.
"Reflections on Reformed Epistemology"
Pennock, Robert.
"Evidential Relevance and the Grue Paradox"
Pettit, Philip.
"The Strong Sociology of Knowledge Without Relativism"

"An Epistemic Free-Riding Problem?"

"The Backward Induction Paradox"
Plantinga, Alvin (B) - a guide to Plantinga's work on the web, not limited to epistemology
"Intellectual Sophistication and Basic Belief In God"
Pollock, John L.
"Defeasible Reasoning with Variable Degrees of Justification"  - downloads in pdf

"Belief Revision and Epistemology" - pdf

"Vision, Knowledge and the Mystery Link"

"Irrationality and Cognition"

"Epistemology, Rationality and Cognition"

"Epistemology: 5 Questions"

Knowledge and Justification

Popper, Karl.
"On the Sources of Knowledge and Ignorance"
Post, John F.
"Minimal Epistemology: Beyond Terminal Philosophy to Truth"

"Sic Transitivity: Reply to McGrew and McGrew"

Poston, Ted.
"Skeptics Without Borders"

"Know-how to be Gettiered?"

"Foundationalism, Evidentialism and the Problem of Scatter"

"Acquaintance and the Problem of the Speckled Hen"

Critical Notice of Justification Without Awareness by Michael Bergmann

Pritchard, Duncan.
"McDowell and the New Evil Genius"

"Knowledge, Understanding and Epistemic Value"

"Greco on Reliabilism and Epistemic Luck"

"Contrastivism, Evidence and Skepticism"

"Anti-Luck Epistemology"

"McDowellian Neo-Mooreanism"

"How to be a Neo-Moorean"

"Sensitivity, Safety and Anti-Luck Epistemology"

"Wittgenstein on Skepticism"

"Epistemic Luck and Epistemic Value"

"Knowledge, Luck and Lotteries"

"Scepticism, Epistemic Luck and Epistemic Angst"

"The Structure of Sceptical Arguments"

"Contextualism, Scepticism and Warranted Assertability Manoeuvres"

"Wittgenstein's On Certainty and Contemporary Anti-Scepticism"

"Virtue Epistemology and the Acquisition of Knowledge"

"Neo-Mooreanism vs. Scepticism"

"Greco on Scepticism"

"The Epistemology of Testimony"

"Epistemic Deflationism"

"Epistemic Luck"

"The Psychology and Philosophy of Luck"


"An Argument for the Inconsistency of Content Externalism and Epistemic Internalism"

"Some Recent Work in Epistemology"

"McDowell on Reasons, Externalism and Scepticism"

"Virtue Epistemology and Epistemic Luck"

"Reforming Reformed Epistemology"

"Recent Work on Radical Scepticism"

"McKinsey Paradoxes, Radical Scepticism, and the Transmission of Knowledge Across Known Entailments"

"Resurrecting the Moorean Responses to Scepticism"

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The Contrast Sensitivity of Knowledge Ascriptions

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Knowing the Answer

Closure, Contrast, and Answer

What Shifts? Thresholds, Standards, or Alternatives?

Contrastive Knowledge

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Perceptual Knowledge Derailed

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"Against Transcendental Empiricism"

"The False Hopes Of Traditional Epistemology" (automatically downloads in Word Perfect)

"A New Argument For Conditionalization" (automatically downloads in Word Perfect)
"Sola Experientia? - Feyerabend's Refutation of Classical Empiricism" (automatically downloads in Word Perfect)
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Is It Wrong, Everywhere, Always, and for Anyone, to Believe Anything On Insufficient Evidence?
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