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Deep-sea biology

Molecular phylogeny, taxonomy, and systematics of deep-sea corals

Evolution of marine invertebrates

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 A close-up of polyps of a bamboo coral (Keratoisidinae) colony shows the 8 pinnate tentacles characteristic of octocorals. Image from ≈2000 meters depth on the Northern Manihiki Plateau in the South Pacific. Image courtesy of of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, 2017.


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Images: Top right: whip-like bamboo corals, yellow stony corals, and black corals at 1718 meters depth on Manning Seamount. Above left: The ROV Hercules sampling Paragorgia octocorals on Manning Seamount. Above: A galatheid crab perched on a black coral colony on Corner Seamount at 1120 meters depth. The photo is a frame grab from an HD video camera mounted on the ROV Hercules. Images 1 & 2 copyright of the Mountains in the Sea Research Team; IFE; and NOAA; image 3 copyright of the Deep Sea Stepping Stones Research Team; IFE-URI; and NOAA.

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