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This project is a partnership between:

The UBM pilot project was funded by the National Science Foundation from 2003-2005 under grant DMS-0311969. Its purpose is to provide training to undergraduate students in the fields of mathematics and biology through curriculum development and new courses together with long-term research experiences. In 2005, the full project was funded for five years under grant DUE-0531915.

Students are involved in new biology and math courses and engage in hands-on field experience with plant and animal systems. Each student in the program takes two biology seminars, one field biology course, and two mathematical modeling courses with emphasis on population modeling. In addition, each student will spend one year working on each of the following projects:

  1. Applying mark-recapture methods to estimate the population of green tree frogs (Hyla cinerea) living in four ponds surrounding the USGS National Wetland Research Center complex.
  2. Understanding the dynamics of native and invasive Louisiana Iris populations by conducting field studies and using mathematical modeling techniques.