Battlebot "Bot-A-Bing"
     Scorbot Final Project
     PLC (Telemechanique) and Ladder Logic

Battlebot "BOT-A-BING"

The infamous Bot-A-Bing. Weighing in at 120 pounds, this robot is a box style fighter. Its dimensions are approximately 3 x 2.5 ft and stands 6 inches tall. It has the capability of accepting wedge apparatus'. We cannot release all the details of the weapon system. What we can say is that our weapons are quite capable of delivering devastating armor piercing blows!

We have had the opportunity to be seen on local news broadcasts, as well as getting recgoniton in the newspaper. Pretty good for public relations. We have only blown up a few things. A word to the wise: "Never use underrated devices in any fluid powered system! Always wear your saftey glasses, Heheh!" We competeted in San Francisco on May 22nd, 2001.

MDU's have been painstakingly designed for quick replacement in competition. Essentially the MDU consists of three primary parts: Motor, Transmission, Wheel. All of the components are mounted to an aluminum plate. A pillow block is a square block that holds a bearing. Each MDU has two pillow blocks, with a shaft running through the bearings. The shaft is held in place by both the transmission and a pin in the hub (motor side).

For demonstration purposes of the drive system, we mounted the MDU's to a wooden baseplate. This method was advantageous because it gave us a more appropriate porportion for the wheel base dimensions.

To showcase the work that we have made on the Battlebot, CloudCover and NetIQ (our sponsors) set up an informal showing of the machine. The event was at NetIQ in Houston. Four hours driving from Lafayette, anticipation still growing. The Saturday before the machine was due to show, the team spent literally 12 hours in the lab. At 8am, everyone showed up and started finishing parts like the bearing blocks, wheels, axles and hubs. We pulled it all together! The presentation went great.

A month before competition, Cloud Cover Robotics was in full force. We have completed manufacturing, assembly, and are still in the process of testing. We have created a very powerful robot. We haven't pushed the envelop but we have seen it push 400 pounds. One mean machine!


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