Modern Approaches to System
Dynamics and Control

  • RobotX 2016 - Day 8 - 21
  • Anchor Climber
  • Flexible Legged Quadruped - 2

Course Description: This short, three-day course will introduce students to modern concepts in system dynamics and controls. Approaches beyond those typically covered in undergraduate courses will be addressed, including command generation, implementation considerations for feedback control, and reinforcement-learning-based control methods. In addition to lecture material, Jupyter Notebooks will be used to illustrate the core concepts. Links to all notes, code, and supporting material for the class will be posted to this page. All code is open-source and will be posted to a GitHub repository.

Prerequisites: The course layout assumes students have some basic knowledge of dynamic modeling, vibrations, and controls. However, some class time will be devoted to reviewing these topics.

Day 1 — January 16, 2018

Intuitive Introduction to PID Control
Modeling and Transfer Functions
Block Diagrams and Performance Measures

Day 2 — January 17, 2018

Implementing PID Control
Input Shaping Introduction

Day 3 — January 18, 2018

Novel Applications of Input Shaping
State-Space Models

Jupyter Notebooks

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Supplemental Material

Writing & LaTeX