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We have a strong belief in problem- and project-based learning methodologies and providing “hands-on” experiences whenever possible. Students that struggle under traditional lecture-style teaching are often able to excel once they are able to see the concepts applied to a real, physical system. Framing course concepts with real-world example problems not only helps students develop their engineering intuition and general problem solving abilities, but it also provides significant motivation to perform well.

Project- and problem-based methodologies also fit well with the courses we most frequently teach. These include dynamics, vibrations, mechatronics, mechanical design, system dynamics and control, and advanced controls. Each of these subject areas contains significant overlap with the lab's areas of expertise, interests, and prior teaching experience. This overlap also means that experimental platforms developed during the course of the lab's research may also see use in the classroom.

A final core belief is that students must be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.

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