MCHE 201: Intro to Engineering Design

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It is being led by Dr. Jacob King.

  • Accidentally dramatic shot of a pyboard
    The MicroPython pyboard
  • The MCHE201 Kit
    The First Version of the MCHE201 Kit
  • MCHE201 - PlanLafayette Champions
    The Spring 2015 Champions
  • MCHE201 Champions Fall 2015
    The Fall 2015 Champions

Official Course Description: Techniques for creating, evaluating, synthesizing, implementing, and documenting solutions to open ended engineering problems, team and project management.

Prerequisites: MCHE 101, ENGR 211

Textbook: Introductory Mechanical Design Tools by W. Singhose and J. Donnell — Hardcopy, iBooks — Yes. It's only about $40, but it's a good book. With the money we'll save, let's buy a ...

Robot Kit: This custom kit from SparkFun.

Paper: This paper describes a similar class at Georgia Tech that Dr. Vaughan helped develop.

Webcam: If you're on campus, you can check out the activity in the MCHE201 design studio via our webcam.


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