UL Lafayette 2016 Maritime RobotX

  • RobotX 2016 - Day 8 - 10
  • RobotX 2016 - Day 8 - 21
  • RobotX 2016 - Day 8 - 30
  • RobotX 2016 - Day 8 - 27

Team Ragin’ Cajuns of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is represented by Mechanical Engineering undergraduates Matthew Begneaud, Chandler Lagarde, Ronald Kisor, and Ethan Davidson. The team proceeds under the supervision of its faculty advisor, Dr. Joshua Vaughan, lead research facilitator in the control systems and robotics laboratory dubbed the C.R.A.W.LAB. The team works in cooperation with industry partners from the Broussard, LA office of Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV).

The Team

RobotX 2016 - Day 8 - 8Matthew Begneaud — Team Lead & ROS Development

Pre-shipment Rush  - 10Ronnie Kisor — ROS Development & Distributed Architecture

RobotX 2016 - Day 8 - 3Chandler Lagarde — Computer Vision

RobotX 2016 - Day 8 - 6Ethan Davidson — CAD & Hardware Configuration

Development & Technical Details

Pictures of the process can be seen on the Team's flickr album.

More details coming soon...


The team would like to thank Mr. Donald Mosing, whose generous gift made this project possible. We would also like to thank the UL Lafayette College of Engineering and Department of Mechanical Engineering for their support for this project and ASV Global for their technical guidance and lending of equipment.

We also recently received a VN-300 GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System from VectorNav and a Scance Sweep. We thank them both for their support of our work.

Finally, machining services have been provided by Cypress Machine. We also thank them for their support of our project.

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Cypress Machine