Research on the Biology of Shrimps and Marine Habitats

                           (Raymond T. Bauer)

River shrimp Macrobrachium ohione infected by a bopyrid isopod female and dwarf male (see Cash and Bauer, 1993)
Rhynchocinetid shrimp Cinetorhynchus hendersoni; dominant male with enlarged cheliped weapons (see Bauer et al., 2014)

New Book on Shrimps 2023 (Bauer, R.T. 2023. Shrimps:Their Diversity, Intriguing Adaptations and Varied Lifestyles. Springer Cham. 720 pages, 199 b/w illustrations; 24 color illustrations, 26 color and half tone plates). This book covers all decapod shrimp groups (penaeoids, sergestoids, carideans, stenopodideans, procaridideans. go to book website


Book on Caridean Shrimps
Bauer, R.T. (March, 2004).  Remarkable Shrimps: Natural History and Adaptations of the Carideans. University of Okalahoma Press, Norman.  (hardcover, 270 pp., >100 figures, 8 color and half-tone plates)(ISBN-0-8061-3555-7, $59.95). Order book at University of Oklahoma Press or call 800-627-7377


Short Courses on Shrimp Biology     

 October 2012 shrimp course professors, Ubatuba Bay, Brazil (left to right, Adilson Fransozo, Fernando Zara, Rogerio Costa, Ray Bauer, Fernando Mantelatto, Tony Castillo)
Students on field trip to rocky shore intertidal near Coquimbo, Chile in 2007 shrimp course Students in the lab during shrimp course in Costa Rica, 2012
Students on shrimp trawl field trip, Ubutaba Bay, Brazil

Major areas of research

General Biology of Decapod Shrimps

Mating Systems and Behavior

Hermaphroditism and Sex Change

Antifouling (Grooming) Behavior

Bopyrid Isopod Parasites of Shrimps

Sperm Transfer

Latitudinal Variation in Breeding Patterns

Fauna of Seagrass Meadows

Coloration and Camouflage

River shrimp migrations

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