Biology Department Instrumentation

How to book a vehicle

The calendar below shows dates/times vehicles are currently booked. Check availability then download and fill out the vehicle reservation form.

The faculty supervisor or course instructor should submit the form as an attached file via to Stacy Porter, ccing the Department Head. Your email is your acknowledgement that you and your associated drivers will follow the terms below. Graduate student researchers/TAs can complete, but should have their advisor/instructor submit the form. Upon approval by the Department Head, your reservation will be added to the calendar. The file you sumbit should be saved as an excel spreadsheet with the name: ResVehicle_yourlastname_firsttravelday. For example, ResVehicle_Leberg_7.1.2019.xls

By completion of this form, the user or user account incurs costs of all road repairs and routine maintenance needs during the use period, Up to deductible limits of UL Lafayette insurance ($100), the user account also assumes costs of repairs, parts and labor (inclusive of towing) necessitated by damage or breakdown occurring during the period of use. User also agrees to the following conditions on use:

  1. Transportation of seawater is prohibited, unless special provisions are made in advance (consult Department maintenance or Department Head).

  2. Vehicle is to be returned clean (all user materials removed, interior vacuumed or wiped clean of dust/dampness; windshield and headlights clean); vehicle exterior, including underbody, is to be washed if vehicle has been used in proximity to saltwater or in brackish or muddy off-road areas. User agrees to be billed for these services if needed upon return.

  3. Passengers are restricted to employees, appropriate UL Lafayette students, and legitimate professional collaborators of the user; only the designed "user(s)" is(are) permitted to operate the vehicle. Subletting or loan of the vehicle by user is prohibited.

  4. Upon completion of the use period, the vehicle is to be returned to the Billeaud Hall parking lot; the log is to be completed and left on the front seat; vehicle keys are to be returned to the bulletin board.

If you need to cancel or modify a reservation, contact Stacy.

Suburban 2008
(up to 6 seats)
Van 2015
(up to 12 seats)
Van 2018
(up to 15 seats)