Biology Department Instrumentation


The Department of Biology at UL Lafayette uses a panel of instruments for both research and teaching. The main goals of this website are to:

  • Identify sharable instruments among scientists in the department
  • Ease the sharing of these instruments using a booking calendar
  • Communicate issues with instruments and maintenance/repair dates
  • Inform graduate students of upcoming training
  • Record equipment usage for management and maintenance purposes
  • Facilitate equipment surplusing process


  • Wharton 404: new equipment and equipment relocation
    Qbit 4 fluorometer: accurately quantify DNA, RNA, and protein.

    Sonicator Q800R (Qsonica): physical sharing of DNA and chromatin (range of fragment sizes: 150bp – 3kb).

    Blue Pippin: DNA Size Selection for Next-Gen Sequencing.

    Bioanalyzer Agilent 2100: sizing, quantification and quality control of DNA, RNA, proteins and cells.

  • Surplus procedure
    A new page has been added to this Biology Department Instrumentation website for surplus procedure. If you need to surplus an item, please follow the steps listed on that page.


  • Flake ice machines
    We have ordered 2 ice machines for Wharton Hall (replacement) and Billeaud Hall (bigger capacity). Each new ice machine can produce up to 440 lb/day, stores 80 lb.

  • G:BOX Chemi XRQ upgrade to include fluorescence
    The G:BOX Chemi XRQ system (Wharton 404) is currently setup to gel/blot capture picture using Visible Stain, UV, Chemiluminescence: Epi White LED Lights, UV Transilluminator, Blue LED Transilluminator. The system will soon be upgraded to include full-spectrum fluorescence (infrared, red, green, blue): Epi LEDs for multiplex or non-multiplex fluorescent blots.

  • Compressor for ICP and AA
    A new compressor will soon replace the current compressor in Billeaud 233.