UL Lafayette: CEEP
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Dr. Daniel Gang’s research interests have been in physical/chemical water and wastewater treatment and environmental chemistry; fate and transport of contaminants in engineered and natural aqueous systems. Specific research topics include disinfection by products (DBPs) formation, control and modeling; chromium (Cr), arsenic (As), and selenium (Se) removal from acid mine drainage (AMD); hydraulic fracturing backflow water treatments; mercury (Hg) reduction from coal power plant emissions; functional adsorbent development and environmental application; and innovative technique development and evaluation for coastal erosion control and coastal restoration. He has been actively involved in numerous research projects for NSF, NASA, USEPA, DOE and state agencies with over $3.0 million in grants as the PI or co-PI and published over 60 peer-reviewed journal papers. He is a Registered Professional Engineer (PE) in States of Missouri and West Virginia.